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Chapter 31: You Are Still Wearing an Outdated Dress?

One was the Song Family’s Eldest Miss and Gu Group’s Chief Designer while the other was the Mrs. Gu. Everyone present understood very well they should not interfere with the bidding of this hairpin. Thus, everyone sat docilely and enjoyed ‘the show’.

― No more money

At the time being, these three words seemed to be carved on Song Wuyou’s forehead –– no more money.

Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei’s head turned back to observe her reaction as if they wanted to capture Song Wuyou’s embarrassment clearly in their minds. The notion made their hearts felt refreshed as a sense of pride emerged.

“Thirty-one million going once!”

“Thirty-five million.” Before the auctioneer could call out a second time, Gu Yanhao suddenly raised his bidding card with elegance in the VIP seat.

Silence. The moment his deep husky voice sounded, it was like a magic spell, and the hall instantly quieted down.

Everyone’s focus zoomed onto Gu Yanhao the second he raised the bid.

A man, so dazzling and handsome, holding enviable status and wealth in the society. No matter from which angle, Gu Yanhao was perfect…. and cold.

Thirty-five million for these wealthy creatures was nothing.

But the person who made the bid was Gu Yanhao. Consequently, every person present was well aware the things that Gu Yanhao had set his sight on, there was nothing that could stop him from having it.

Not forgetting the fact that he was the wealthiest man of M City. Who would be foolish enough to compare money with him ah…..

Song Jiuyue was taken aback; her eyes turned to Gu Yanhao, wondering; why had he decided to act at this moment?

If he did not bid, then this hairpin would belong to her. So, why did he bid against her?

“Dajie, Young Master Gu finally makes his move, he must be buying this hairpin especially for you.” Song Jiumei gushed to Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue’s brows creased slightly. Was it like this?

“It must be because he saw Song Wuyou fighting with you, knowing you must have taken a liking to the hairpin, he used this method to buy it for you instead. Not only it established your position in his heart, it also gives you a lot of face. The most important thing is, Song Wuyou is going loose face miserably here.” Song Jiumei reasoned her conjecture with confidence .

Listening to these words, Song Jiuyue mulled over it for a moment. She felt Song Jiumei’s words were very reasonable.

Gu Yanhao was so disgusted with Song Wuyou, he certainly felt uncomfortable seeing Song Wuyou bicker with her. Hence, he decided to bid down this hairpin for her.

Weighing this point, Song Jiuyue’s smile was honeyed sweet. Her gaze was extremely gentle at looking at Gu Yanhao.

Song Wuyou pursed her lips, silently glaring daggers at Gu Yanhao for a moment before turning away.

Eventually, he still bid down the hairpin for Song Jiuyue.


After the charity auction had ended, Song Wuyou and Xu Jing came out from the Century Edifies.

“Wuyou!” at her back, a female voice called out to her.

Song Wuyou stopped at the staircase, and her head turned back in the direction of the hall.

Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei were walking out together.

“Wuyou, next month you can still come home for your pocket money. Daddy won’t stop it.” Stopping right in front of Song Wuyou, Song Jiuyue smiled benevolently and said.

In public, Song Jiuyue would show that she was very concerned about this unruly and arrogant sister.

“I know.” Song Wuyou answered nonchalantly.

Song Jiuyue secretly observed Song Wuyou; today, she was wearing the same simple purple dress from the other day.

Though it was some discounted goods from four years back, the material was very good, and on Song Wuyou, it enhanced her femininity.

When Song Wuyou doesn’t open her mouth, she really was a beauty.

Just like this moment, a little cold and quiet. The ‘don’t care’ expression on her face gives people an indescribable feeling.

This kind of feeling made Song Jiuyue felt as if she was the Queen.

Song Jiuyue did not like the feeling of Song Wuyou having a far stronger presence than herself.

She smiled, “Wuyou, didn’t you buy this dress four years ago on your birthday? Why are you still wearing it? Even the color has faded.”

“I like wearing it.” Song Wuyou’s replied complete with a nothing-to-fault fake smile.

“Why don’t I design a few sets of dresses for you?” Song Jiuyue magnanimously suggested.

“No need.” Sing Wuyou declined.

Right at this time, a sleek, attention-grabbing Maybach stopped at the entrance of Century Edifies. The car honk rendered the night, undoubtedly, it was directed at them.

All four females looked towards it and found it familiar. That was, none other than Gu Yanhao’s sports car.

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