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Chapter 33: Gu Yanhao Gifts the Hairpin to Song Wuyou

Gu Yanhao’s gaze seemed to penetrate her, a hint of question danced in those bottomless eyes, “Does the price of your dress exceed sixty yuan[1]?”

Wearing street goods to an auction event? Was she out of her mind or what?

Song Wuyou replied matter-of-factly: “Twenty percent discount, seventy-nine yuan.”

It exceeded sixty yuan by far.

However, Gu Yanhao was stunned for a moment for he had not expected she would give such an answer.

The driving Ah De could not help giving the rearview mirror a quick glance to gauge Song Wuyou’s expression.

From the moment Song Wuyou got into the car, she had been preoccupied.

Anyone could tell with one look that she had something on her mind.

“Obviously you have no money, why must you swollen your face pretending to be a fat man[3]?” Gu Yanhao’s somber voice questioned.

Song Wuyou looked at him, giving him a faint smile: “Because that hairpin looks very nice ah.”

“Just because it looks nice?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed sharply.

If it had been just because the hairpin looked nice, why would her emotions affected that greatly?

Song Wuyou simply answered:, “Yes.”

“There were many that looked much prettier, with more historical value, why didn’t I see you liking any of them?”

“I liked them too, but too bad Song Jiuyue didn’t like them.” The latter part of her answer, Song Wuyou had added on purpose.

Didn’t he want to present that hairpin to Song Jiuyue?

Hearing this, the temperature in Gu Yanhao’s eyes dropped a few degrees, “So, you were only competing against Song Jiuyue?”

“Can’t I?” She stared straight at Gu Yanhao for a second before she flashed him a dazzling smile.

“What if Song Jiuyue decided to give up halfway?”

“…….….” Would she have?

“If she had given up, then you would have to buy the thing off with the price you bid at. If you had no money to pay, don’t you know legal actions will be taken?”

The man’s voice was so cold that it makes people shuddered involuntarily.

Song Wuyou elegantly swept her hair back, and the smile on her face grew even more mesmerizing.

“How could it be possible that I couldn’t take out that much money?”

Song Wuyou subtlety moved her body to one side, smiled and said, “I heard the price for L Country’s women is pretty high. As long as I make a trip to that place, relying on my face and body, I am confident I can earn more than thirty million in one month.”

Watching her smile like that while uttering those kind of words, Gu Yanhao suddenly blew a fuse.

His eyes were chilly as he stared her down: “You dare!”

Thinking of her soft naked body sprawled and pressed under another man’s body, letting them do as they pleased, an inexplicable wrath rose in his heart.

“I’m so unruly, reckless, and arrogant, what do I dare not do? I even dare to murder.” Song Wuyou retorted back with self-deprecating words.

She spent eight years in war during her previous lifetime, and she had lost count of the number of lives she had taken.

Gu Yanhao’s deep eyes could not detect a shred of jest from her face.

His eyes turned gloomy. He had purposely tried to avoid returning to the villa the last few nights.

Unfortunately, the secret surveillance camera in the villa only displayed the same Song Wuyou as the one in front of him.

Could a car accident bring such a big change to a person? To an extent of changing their peersonality and tastes?

Although the dress she wore was cheap market stuff, on her body it did not dampen her beauty one bit.

He had thought her elegance way of walking and sitting posture was a pretense in front of him.

But when he went through the surveillance recordings, what he found was she acted the same as the person in front of him.

She had really changed. It was so drastic that even he could not resist delving in the sight of her for a little longer……

“Take it.” Gu Yanhai’s nice looking hands suddenly took out an exquisite narrow wooden box.

Song Wuyou glanced at the small wooden box in his hands and asked, “What is it?”

“Didn’t you say you like that ‘Bounding Passion’ hairpin?” Gu Yanhao looked at her.

Song Wuyou was astounded when she heard this, “You’re giving this to me?!”

The hairpin he spent so much money to bid down was actually for her?


[1] Currency term
[2] You swollen your face pretending to be a fat man – means pretending to be rich.

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