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Chapter 34: The First Time He Gifts Jewelry to a Woman

This right jab out of nowhere also stunned Ah De and Xu Jing eavesdropping at the front. Xu Jing subconsciously turned her head back, staring at the little wooden box in Gu Yanhao’s hands in shock.

Was she dreaming right now?

Young Master Gu wants to give the hairpin to Miss?

“Don’t feel so touched, I just didn’t want to be called stingy by outsiders, unwilling to buy a mere hairpin that my wife likes.” Gu Yanhao explained coldly, with a tinge of pride in his voice.


Song Wuyou felt this description was extremely ludicrous, hence she really did laughed out loud, “Gu Yanhao, we’re in the midst of a divorce negotiation, don’t you feel using the word ‘my wife’ is a little ironic?”

Gu Yanhao’s face darkened being slighted; he stated, “Till the day you place your signature on the dotted lines, you are legally my wife.”

He was baffled himself why did he felt like giving the hairpin to Song Wuyou…

Initially, he only thought the hairpin looked pretty, and he planned to let the model wear the accessory on stage during the fashion design competition.

Retro was the fashion competition theme this year, designs with a taste of the past coupled with the hairpin was close to perfection.

However, when he saw the way Song Wuyou grasped the assistant’s hand with excitement in her eyes, it had greatly surprised him.

He saw the many changes of her emotions clearly, the abrupt transformation from being excited as she requested the beautiful assistant to show her the body of the hairpin to the disappointment, sadness, and melancholy after seeing it.

After later, she just sat there, appeared to be lost in thought nursing a grief…..

Isn’t it only a hairpin? How could it incite so many complex emotions in her that makes people worry?

“I don’t want it.” Song Wuyou straightforwardly rejected.

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrows knitted together, obvious anger swam in his cold eyes, “Didn’t you say you like it?”

“You’re gonna give it to me just because I like it?” Song Wuyou showed him a dramatic bewildered, “Gu Yanhao, haven’t you always been disgusted with me?”

“Didn’t I mentioned why just now?” Gu Yanhao gritted his teeth and forced out a terse reply.

“Don’t want it!” regardless of what his true intention was, she did not want it.

True, she liked it but it did not mean she wanted to own it. Raising the price in a bidding war against Song Jiuyue was just a deliberate prank.

Everyone assumed that hairpin was the real ‘Bounding Passion.”

But it was not.

She simply wished for Song Jiuyue to bleed, buying an imitation Bounding Passion hairpin.

She had deliberately mentioned to Xu Jing that she has thirty million. With Song Jiuyue’s personality, knowing she have thirty million, she would definitely take out thirty million to fight with her.

What she did not take into consideration was Gu Yanhao to actually bid it down.

She had assumed since Song Jiuyue already made a bid, then he would not interfere.

Because in her opinion, he would eventually give the hairpin to Song Jiuyue.

“Why don’t you want it now?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Smiling, Song Wuyou answered, “Didn’t you listen to Imperial Consort Song’s touching story? Bounding Passion was given to her by X Dynasty’s Emperor. The hairpin was named bounding passion. Gu Yanhao, for you to give the hairpin to me, do you wish to be passionately bound with me?”

“You also believe a made up story from history?” Gu Yanhao snickered disdainfully, “To move the hearts of the future generations, the story had been altered many times over in many ways.”

Song Wuyou’s eyes dimmed slightly, her lips pressed tightly as if there was a huge stone stuffed inside her chest, “Indeed, as you said, these stories had been altered for too many times.”

“Do you want it or not?”

Gu Yanhao stared at her icily, the way she spoke just now sounded as if she was very clear about what had taken place between Imperial Consort Song and X Dynasty’s Emperor.

She, a high school graduate with shitty grades−−he doesn’t believe she knew anything about history at all.

“No!” was Song Wuyou’s adamant reply.

“Damn!” Gu Yanhao cursed in a low tone, this was the first time he ever gift jewelry to a woman, moreover, to a woman that he was not the least bit interested, yet was refused.

The man’s gaze stared at her with unprecedented fierceness, enough to make others trembling in fear.

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