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Chapter 35: Young Master, Why Did You Give the Hairpin to Young Madame?

Song Wuyou’s heart quivered strongly for a second.

She regarded him warily; he wouldn’t kill her just because of this trivial matter, right?

Her fate shouldn’t be so miserable as to die under a man’s hands in both lives, right?

The atmosphere during the entire journey was suffocating, nerves stretched tautly to the maximum.

Ah De was driving with utmost care, while Xu Jing dared not breathe too loud.

Meanwhile, Song Wuyou sat quietly, her sight was cast outside the window.

When they reached the villa, Song Wuyou immediately fled upstairs without a word.

She was in a hurry to finish the design sketch in her room. Once it was done, she still needed to rush out to make the actual outfit.

Looking at Song Wuyou’s desperate flee up the stairs, Gu Yanhao’s mood turned even gloomier.

“Bring it to her!” blocking Xu Jing’s path all of a sudden, Gu Yanhao barked an order.

Xu Jing was startled by his sudden action.

“Yes-ss…. Young Master Gu!” receiving the small box from him, Xu Jing chased after Song Wuyou from behind.

“Young Master, why do you give the hairpin to Young Madame?” Ah De braved himself and voiced out his curiosity.

“I ate the wrong medicine!” Gu Yanhao sent a sharp look his way.

Ah De: “…………..”


“Miss, Young Master Gu told me to bring this to you.” Xu Jing walked into Song Wuyou’s room, passing the small wooden box to Song Wuyou.

An icy light gleamed in her eyes: “I don’t want it, why must he insist on giving it to me?”

“Miss, do you think it is possible that Young Master Gu is starting to like you?” Xu Jing asked her thoughts to Song Wuyou with a delighted expression.

Song Wuyou smiled, “But I no longer like him.”

“Miss, isn’t the item Young Master give you a very thing?” Xu Jing asked, puzzled.

“I have decided to give up on him, so any present from him has no meaning for me.” Song Wuyou answered frankly. Hearing this, Xu Jing looked solemnly at Song Wuyou.

A servant sole duty was to serve her master well. She should not be meddlesome in other affairs.

Their master’s feelings and lifestyle were definitely off limit. It was something she shouldn’t interfere.

“Miss, do you want to eat something?” Xu Jing smoothly changed the topic.

Thinking for a moment, Song Wuyou flashed a brilliant smile at Xu Jing, “Beggar’s Chicken, do you know how to make it?”

Xu Jing felt embarrassed, “No…..”

Song Wuyou swallowed her saliva. Simply thinking of the chicken’s taste from her previous life, she could not help but drool.

In this life, whatever delicacies could not be compared to the Beggar’s Chicken that she had made herself.

“Is there chicken in the refrigerator?” Song Wuyou asked.

Xu Jing nodded, “There is.”

“Whole chicken oh?”

Xu Jing nodded again, “En, just been bought this morning.”

“Wonderful.” Song Wuyou broke out in a glee, “You go down and clean the chicken first. Marinate it with soy sauce, rice wine, and salt. I’ll go down in a minute.”

Listening to her instructions, Xu Jing’s eyes widened as if she was Christopher Columbus who finally found a new land, “Miss, you know how to make it?”

“I’m going to search it on Baidu[1] now.”


“Quickly go and prepare it.”

Xu Jing nodded still in a daze, “Oh oh….”

She turned around and slowly proceeded to walk out.

What happened to her Miss?

It was like she totally turned into a whole new person since she had woken from being in a coma?

Her unruly Miss that had never worked a day in her life, out of the blue she wants to make Beggar’s Chicken by herself?

After Xu Jing had left, Song Wuyou erased the smile from her face as she spared a glance at the small wooden box from the corner of her eyes.

It was not the same hairpin, she did not want it!

She truly could not understand this Gu Yanhao.

Evidently, he hated her, excluded her, and disdained her.

So, what does he want by giving her such an expensive hairpin?

Because she bidded against Song Jiuyue in the auction?

Thinking of this, a cold sneer hung on Song Wuyou’s lips, “Gu Yanhao, you disdain me, my disdain towards you is twice as much, humph!”

She shoved the small wooden box into the drawer and started to sketch her design.

One hour later −−−

[1] Baidu is Chinese search engine like Google.

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