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Chapter 36: When I Was Fighting in the War……

Song Wuyou came down to the kitchen.

Passing by the living room, there was no shadow of Gu Yanhao or Ah De, so she asked Xu jing, “Where’s Gu Yanhao?”

“Probably went out.” Xu Jing answered. How would she know Ywhereaboutsr Gu’s whereabout?

Xu Jing already had the chicken well marinated and placed it in the middle of a basin full of cold water.

After adding in the soy sauce and rice wine, a fragrant smell filled up the kitchen space.

“Miss, I followed your instruction and marinated the chicken, what do we do next?” she asked.

“Leave the rest to me,” Song Wuyou smiled and stated.


Song Wuyou took out the aluminum foil and wrapped the entire chicken with it.
Afterwards, she poured in some water into a half bowl of flour and started to knead it.

Xu Jing stood watching from the side. Originally, she wanted to lend a hand, but there was nothing she could do.

Looking at Song Wuyou’s skilled and familiar actions, Xu Jing became very suspicious. How can you learn this from Baidu, this was basically the rhythm of someone who had done this often ah.

After the flour pastry was ready, Song Wuyou rolled it out into a thick sheet large enough to wrap around the entire chicken and used it to seal the whole chicken within tightly.

When all was done, Song Wuyou put the chicken into the oven, setting it to bake for half an hour.

Standing in front of the oven, she inspected the numbers indicated on them before she nod in satisfaction.

It was great the original host left her with some memories, allowing her to function to a certain extent in this high-tech world and not be an idiot in front of these things.


Half an hour later, the chicken was finally done.

Opening the oven, a tantalizing fragrance wafted out instantly, teasing their noses.

“Wahh, it smells so good!” Xu Jing clapped and cheered, “Miss, how did you know how to make Beggar’s Chicken?”

Such craft, such a delicious smell already made Song Wuyou’s saliva to drool all over, she had no time to answer Xu Jing’s question.

She removed the chicken from the oven. The outer flour had hardened and browned due to the high temperature.

Placing it on top of the table, with a punch of her fist, Song Wuyou had the outer flour layer cracked, allowing a thicker aroma to be released

“Eat it like this.” Song Wuyou ripped the remaining foil apart and pulled a wing out for Xu Jing.

“…….” taking the chicken wing, Xu Jing looked in a daze at Song Wuyou as she skillfully detached the other wing and started eating.

“The taste is a little bland, not as good.” Song Wuyou commented while biting into the chicken wing.

“Maybe we did not put enough salt.” Xu Jing said woodenly.

“No, if we wrapped in lotus leaf, and mud for the outer skin before baking it, it would taste better.”

Although the taste was a little inferior to what she had used to make in her previous life, it was enough to ignite her appetite.

“Miss, listening your words, why do I get the feeling like you make Beggar’s Chicken often?”

“En, I used to make this often. Every time we had a victorious war, I and the barracks brothers would make Beggar’s Chicken, and gulp down wine as we eat.” Suddenly, recalling memories of the past, a trace of sadness flashed across Song Wuyou’s face, sounding a little homesick, she added, “Those were good times, good memories.”

“………..” Xu Jing could not make sense of her words; what war? What barracks? Wasn’t Miss brought back to the Song Estate when she was five?

Although living with the Song Family, Miss’s life could not be compared to the Eldest and Second Misses, she never had to cook for herself.

When Xu Jing started to work for the Song Family, Song Wuyou was still a teenage girl. When did she join the army?

Staring at Song Wuyou with pity, Xu Jing thought that perhaps Miss was suffering from a concussion in the car crash that caused her to have hallucinations.

Xu Jing had that thought in her mind. But for the person who was standing like a deity in the living room ㅡ Gu Yanhao, did not share the same sentiment.

Gu Yanhao had been busy working in the study earlier and was on his way out for dinner as he was done, passing the staircase on his way out.

Unexpectedly, he caught Song Wuyou’s voice coming from the kitchen.

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