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Chapter 37: After Dying Once, I’ve Learned to Move On

Coming down the staircase, a fragrant smell teased his nostrils.

It roused his appetite significantly −− him who originally planning to go out for dinner.

At first, he thought it was Xu Jing making something for Song Wuyou to eat, when Song Wuyou’s voice suddenly sounded from the kitchen, shattering his previous assumption.

Coincidentally, a particular sentence was the first thing he head.

Abruptly frozen in his steps, something seemed to be brewing in his eyes.

Song Wuyou went to war before?

Ever since he came to know her since she was thirteen, she had always been thinking of ways to appear in front of him every day, just like a bum beetle that refused to go away no matter how much he ignored or rejected her.

From the time she was thirteen, he had seen her almost on a daily basis. Hence, when did she join the army and engaged herself in a war?

Moreover, a victorious battle at that!

This story sounded too incredible to be true, yet the way she had recounted it seemed like it really did happened.

Song Wuyou was reminiscing the days when she noticed Xu Jing was looking at her with an astounded expression.

She was blinked her eyes; had she said something that scared Xu Jing?

Looking at the chicken in Xu Jing’s hand, Song Wuyou finally reacted; just now, she was talking about the times in the barracks……


“Xu Jing, eat quickly.” Song Wuyou pulled out another portion of chicken and stuff it in Xu Jing’s hands..

“Okay.” Xu Jing smiled faintly, and took a bit of the meat. “En, Miss, it really is delicious.”

Song Wuyou grew complacent hearing the praise, “Of course it’s delicious, I’m the one who made it after all.”

Gu Yanhao entered to the kitchen in soundless steps, those dark-as-ink unfathomable pupils fell on Song Wuyou without concealing his gaze.

While she was standing in front of the table, biting into a chicken wing.

Her actions did not look the slightest bit crass. On the contrary, it gave the impression of broad-mindedness and aspiration.

“Miss, such a tasty chicken, should we save some for Young Master Gu?” Xu Jing asked.

Song Wuyou gave Xu Jing a look, “Why should we leave some for him?”

“Perhaps if he knew you know how to make Beggar’s Chicken, he would have a different impression of you.”

“He already has a different impression of me.”

“Since when?” Xu Jing instinctively switched onto the gossipping mode.

“In his heart, Song Wuyou is nothing but an ignorant, stupid, and proud woman, doesn’t this also considered as a different impression?”


“He probably would detest my chicken, saying it’s dirty if I asked him to have a taste.” It affected her appetite just by thinking of Gu Yanhao’s cold poker face.

“That’s true, the one Young Master Gu likes is the Eldest Miss. Whatever Miss does is always wrong in his eyes.” Xu Jing felt pity for Song Wuyou.

“We should just enjoy our chicken, no need to bother with him.” Son Wuyou said without a care.

A thunderstorm was gathering at the door where Gu Yanhao stood with a dark face.

“Miss, in the past, you used to put Young Master Gu as the center of your universe, even a mere biscuit you bought, you must leave a piece for him. Now, a chicken you have made yourself, yet you would not let him to taste, you really don’t like him anymore?” Xu Jing thought for a moment, but still asked out the doubt in her heart.

“After dying once, I’ve learned to move on.” Song Wuyou answered quietly.

Xu Jing smiled, “Seeing Miss being so carefree, I’m also carefree.”

“I’ll let myself to live happily and leisurely in the future. I used to treat Gu Yanhao as treasure, now I’m going to treat him as grass. The man that he is, other than a tad bit good looking, and has a little bit more money, there are nothing good about him. Bad temperament, peculiar personality, and all day long show only knows how to show me a black, deadpanned face as if I’ve killed his mother and father.”

“………” Xu Jing licked the grease on her lips; is Young Master Gu that bad?

“As a man, he is so narrow-minded. I truly still cannot comprehend why did I fall in love with him in the past, must have been so drunk on love that I forgot myself.”

“…………” Xu Jing did not know what to say.

“Since he sees me as junk, I see him as a lump of shit.”

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