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Chapter 39: Young Master Gu Kisses Miss Song

Ahhhh~~~~! Young Master Gu just kissed Miss!

Witnessing this scene, it was as if Xu Jing herself was the one being kissed. Two big eyes widened in astonishment, staring straight at the two people in front of her.

Young Master Gu actually kissed Miss!

What had led to this?

Song Wuyou’s big eyes stared at the handsome face close to her face.

The man’s thin lips brought a cold sensation to her lips, trapping them between his teeth, nibbling and sucking on them gently.

Song Wuyou’s brain instantly fried and turned blank like it had crashed and stopped functioning.

Gu Yanhao’s lower navel tightened. He had not expected the taste of her to be so sweet and exquisite.

Intermingled with the taste of chicken’s, it was truly addictive.

Even he himself had no explanation for his sudden and brash action, there only existed an impulse to taste her lips.

The instant this thoughts floated into his mind, with no second thought, he had already dipped low and kissed her.

When their lips touched, he felt shivers crawling up his spine as an evil heat surged around the lower part of his navel.

Lightly biting and sucking, he deepened the kiss.

En, the taste was definitely not bad!

Enough that he could not stop.

His hands raised and held Song Wuyou in position close to her nape, even taking half a step forward to reduce the gap between them.

This was the first time Gu Yanhao kissed a woman on his own initiative and the sensation was better than he had imagined it would be, so ㅡㅡ wonderful.

Song Wuyou’s natural body scent was pleasing as it teased his nose coquettishly.

The rhythm of his heartbeat quickened, and the sounds were akin to a beating wardrum.

As his kiss became more intimate and deep, Song Wuyou’s brain turned totally blank, even to the point of forgetting how to think.

The man’s masculine warm breath danced on her face, tickling her skin….

Her breathing became short, her heart felt like it had stopped punping for a long while before it fluttered wildly with ‘pu pu pu’…


After the long session of kiss ended, Song Wuyou’s face was deep crimson in color.

As if her blank mind was lacking in oxygen, when Gu Yanhao released her, she was still panting a faintly.

Gazing at her alluring yet dumbfounded expression, it suddenly hit Gu Yanhao that she was very cute.

“You taste much better than the chicken’s ass.” The man licked his lips, and his low, magnetic voice spoke words with thinly veiled implication.

“Gu Yanhao, you bastard!” his words effectively cut through the fog in Song Wuyou’s mind, her body shivered and instantly regained its composure.

She glared at him. Anger was evident in her eyes.

“I know you liked it.” A fair and clean hand came up to caress her face. The smile on his face was devilishly charming.

“Who said I like it!” Song Wuyou slapped his hand away angrily, and retreated half a step back, “Don’t touch me!”

A tiny light flashed in Gu Yanhao’s obsidian pupils, and a hint of smile so faint emerged on his lips, “If you’re rude to me again, I’ll punish you this way.”

“He….he…” Song Wuyou tried to calm herself down.

Looking at the man with contempt, “Gu Yanhao, so I’m actually your type.”

Gu Yanhao narrowed his eyes, “Which type are you?”

“Doesn’t the whole M City know? I, Song Wuyou is a wayward, selfish, unruly, stupid, vicious….”

Song Wuyou would not have realized it herself if she had not listed it at the top of her head like this; the original host truly did not possess even one good point.

“No matter what, at the moment, you hold the position as my wife. So, me touching my wife is right by law and Heaven.”

Gu Yanhao made an obvious display of inspecting her from head to toe, “Lacking as you are, you’re still considered as a woman.”

“Gu Yanhao, will you die if you admit you like me?” Song Wuyou’s expression darkened.

Kissing her one moment and then belittling her the next? Crushing her confidence? Is there such a man in this world?

Meaning, as long as it was a woman, he would kiss whoever?

“Want me to like you? You have your work cut out for you.”

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