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Chapter 40: Wuyou, You Should Always Dress Like This

Gu Yanhao walked out of the kitchen in a good mood after he casually threw that bomb of a sentence before his departure.

Song Wuyou sulked and pouted as she turned watching his turned leaving back.

This man, what does he mean ah?

Would he like her if she was to make an effort?

Heh, she has no interest in liking him again!

Shaking her fist up in a fit of pique, Song Wuyou used the sleeve of her blouse to wipe her mouth clean with a bit too much force, causing her lips to become more swollen and red.

The dazed Xu Jing finally recovered her senses.

She quickly stepped in to stop Song Wuyou, witnessing in horror the result of her crude way wiping her lips brought, “Miss, stop rubbing your lips that way, otherwise a layer of skin will come off if you continue.”

“I abhor Gu Yanhao’s scent.” Stated Song Wuyou irkly.

“But will it go away if you rub it like this?” Xu Jing was puzzled, so she requested for some clarification.

Wasn’t someone’s scent rooted deep within the bones and flesh? Could it be stripped or washed away?

“If it cannot be wiped off, then I will…. I will….” Song Wuyou turned her body around in the kitchen as if she was in search of something.

Then, her big eyes fell upon the remaining chicken, she swiftly tore a big piece and bit into it ruthlessly.

Exclaiming in a sulky demeanor: “I will eat chicken, then my mouth will be filled with the taste of chicken, and not the taste of him.”

Xu Jing inched forward cautiously as if she was afraid of being accused nosy, she whispered softly, “Miss, you really didn’t like it when Young Master Gu was kissing you?”


She really did not like it, right?

When she went to sleep that night, recalling the kiss during the day, she blushed beetroot red followed by her heartbeat quickening like a baby deer was jumping around inside . A brisk trace of sweetness in flitted across her heart, keeping her awake throughout the night……


Today was Song Nan’s birthday. The old man had invited many friends and relatives over to celebrate.

When Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao arrived at the Song Family’s Estate, most of Song Nan’s relatives and close friends had already gathered there.

It was merely a birthday celebration, yet the grandeur of the occasion was no worse than hosting up a wedding banquet. Numerous guests were also invited to join in the joyous event.

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou’s entrance was comparable to a beautiful landscape, easily attracting people’s attention.

A well-tailored black suit on Gu Yanhao served to emphasize his stature and straight posture.

Song Wuyou wore a simple pastel blue dress. She might not be the most beautiful woman in this party but the innocence and graceful feeling she gave made people feel most comfortable looking at her.

Hair gathered, draping over one shoulder, her charm was beyond words could express.

The faint smile hanging on her lips those graceful steps were beautified by the simple blue dress. Their every step was lighter than the moonlight.

Watching her making her entrance with Gu Yanhao at her side, Song Jiuyue’s expression blanched. Her eyes were glaring daggers when they landed on Song Wuyou.

When the guests noticed the couple’s arrival, there was sounds of amazement which then followed by surprise.

Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao?

Even Song Nan who had been chatting happily with his friends was surprised with Song Wuyou’s new appearance, thus he could not help staring fixedly at her.

He found it hard to believe the woman in front of him was his ludicrous daughter with a notorious reputation.

She actually appeared together with Gu Yanhao to celebrate his birthday.

The picture they painted as the both of them standing side by side, was so picturesque just like an immortal couple!

Song Nan hurriedly went up, greeting Gu Yanhao warmly, “Son-in-law Gu, I’m very happy you come!”

“This birthday present is from me and Wuyou, we wish you to always be healthy, may your happiness be as immense as the East Sea, and a long life like the South Mountains[1]!”

Gu Yanhao presented Song Nan with an elegantly wrapped box which Song Nan received while smiling from ear to ear, “Really a good son-in-law, good son-in-law!”

Only then did Song Nan have time to spare a glance at Song Wuyou: “Wuyou, you should always dress like this. It’s much better than the insensible clothes you usually wear.”

Song Wuyou nodded with a faint smile, “I know lah.”

[1] Idiom and as well as a general well-wishing that is said to elders during birthdays. It actually sounds very poetic in the Chinese Language.

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