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Chapter 41: Must Her Show Colors

An amiable smile was plastered on his face but in his heart, Song Nan was full of contempt; what lightning speed change.

If it had not for Gu Yanhao standing beside her, Song Nan would not have bothered to look at her, much less smile at her.

“The design of the dress isn’t bad, but it doesn’t seem like a quality, branded merchandise ah.”

Dressed enchantingly and in-line with the latest fashion trend, Mrs. Song approached with a nit-picking expression as she looked down at Song Wuyou, her tone was harsh.

She had heard from her youngest daughter that after waking up from the car accident, Song Wuyou’s tastes in clothes had utterly changed.

However, she had not expected a simple dress like this would have such an effect on Song Wuyou’s overall appearance; showing off her figure with such elegance and radiance.

“Every month you just give me an allowance of three thousand yuan, how can I afford to wear branded clothes?” Song Wuyou smiled faintly as she retorted back at Mrs. Song.

“When you come back for money next month, I’ll increase it to five thousand for you.” Mrs. Song declared her magnanimous stance.

At time like this, she definitely must show this slut some color, let’s see if she dared to lay a finger on her daughter again.

The smile on her face did not even waver not even wavered on her face as Song Wuyou said: “Thank you.”


After exchanging a few courteous words with Song Nan, Gu Yanhao led Song Wuyou away to a quiet corner and settled down.

“Big Brother Song, is that really Wuyou? How come she suddenly became so beautiful?”

“Some time ago, there were news report saying she hit Jiumei, looking at her now, such benign temperament, totally unlike a woman that resorts to violence ah.”

“That’s right, that’s right, standing together with Young Master Gu, I feel like they are a match made in Heaven. Their dazzling brightness nearly blinded my eyes.”


When Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao left, a group of relatives and friends instantly surrounded Song Nan and Mrs. Song, fishing for some gossips.

The words coming out from their mouth were mostly praising Song Wuyou’s beauty, making Mrs. Song to feel uncomfortable in her heart.

Song Wuyou this slut, being willful failed to meet the expected results, and now she was pretending to be well-mannered?

No matter how she pretend, she was still nothing compared to her two daughters!

Mrs. Song shot a hateful glare at Song Nan. All of these was this smelly man’s fault, unable to control his lower part, sowing wild seeds outside and even brought back a bastard.


Song Nan’s birthday party was held in a grand atmosphere. Gu Yanhao’s grandfather also came, arriving late in the afternoon.

Both Song Wuyou’s and Gu Yanhao’s grandfather were old comrades and down to the third generation helmed by Song Nan, the two families became business partners.

The friendship between the two families was quite good. Unfortunately, Gu Yanhao’s parents died five years ago in a plane crash…..

The minute Old Grandfather Gu arrived, he insisted Song Wuyou to accompany him for a chat.

At the time of Song Wuyou’s car accident, he was in England visiting his sick daughter and had just returned a few days ago.

The instant he landed in M City, unfavorable things about Song Wuyou was brought to his attention.

Such as hitting Song Jiumei in public, and fighting over a hairpin with Song Jiuyue, etc.

Now that he finally saw Song Wuyou in person, wearing a simple dress, Old Grandfather Gu was very satisfied.

They strolled leisurely in a circle around the pond in Song Estate’s back garden.

“When I heard you got in a car accident while in England, I was very upset. Dear child, you were too impulsive.”

Thinking of his unborn great-grandson, Old Grandfather Gu’s eyes became moist with unshed tears whereas a trace of sadness flickered in Song Wuyou’s eyes momentarily.

“If I had known Grandfather was not in M City that day, perhaps the accident would not have happened.”

“I got the news when I reached England. I had left in a hurry and thought to call you after I’ve touched down there.”

Song Wuyou smiled, seemingly nonchalant attitude.

“I won’t allow you and Yanhao to divorce.”

“…………” hearing this, Song Wuyou showed a surprised expression while staring at Old Grandfather Gu.

Had not he already agreed to it?

Old Grandfather Gu’s footsteps halted and looked earnestly at Song Wuyou, “Do you know why I wanted Yanhao to marry you?”

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