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Chapter 42: Seems like We Have to Use the Last Trick

Song Wuyou shook her head, then answered collectedly, “I don’t know.”

“Because you are very strong.”

“……..” was she?!

“People that I took fancy of never go wrong.”

“………..” !!!

Old Grandfather Gu noticed Song Wuyou’s calm demeanor, his eyes squinted consequently, “You’re not happy that I did not agree Yanhao divorcing you?”

Song Wuyou smiled desolately, “Grandfather, his divorce papers are already in my hands.”

Old Grandfather’s eyebrows rose to his forehead in question, “You’ve signed it?”

“Not yet.”

“No need to sign them!”

Her eyes stared at Old Grandfather Gu perplexedly, “Grandfather, my reputation is already down the sewers, why do you still tolerate my presence?”

“Because there is no one else that loves Yanhao as much as you do.”

Song Wuyou was startled.

“I watched you grow up, your character and personality how could I not know?” fondness seeped into Old Grandfather Gu’s voice.

Song Wuyou smiled gratefully at him, “Thank you, Grandfather.”

“If you want to thank me then don’t sign the papers.” Old Grandfather Gu sighed heavily, and said, “I’m already old, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of that little rascal in the future.”

“Grandfather you’re joking!” the one thing Gu Yanhao does not lack for was definitely people looking after him.

Old Grandfather Gu’s smile faltered considerably as he put on a stern face before Song Wuyou, “I’m serious! I don’t allow the two of you to be divorced!”

“They said you have already given your permission for it, did you not?”

“Nonsense!” Old Grandfather Gu snapped vehemently, “Yanhao only sputtered bullsh*t to lie to you!”

Ah, so that was the case, in order to ensure she will sign the papers, he even dared to make up some lies saying Grandfather had agreed….

“Grandfather don’t worry, I won’t sign the papers under coercion.” Song Wuyou flashed a charming smile on the surface while her heart thought coldly: ‘Gu Yanhao, the more you want me to sign, the adamant I am going to do the opposite.’

“As long as you can persevere in your love, it is more than enough.” Old Grandfather Gu took Song Wuyou’s hand, laughing affectionately as he added, “There will be a day when Yanhao reciprocate your feelings, and just like me, he’ll know your good points.”

Meanwhile, Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei stood in some distant away with amber eyes staring in their direction.

They watched how Old Grandfather Gu took hold of Song Wuyou’s hand, chatting animatedly, and envy flashed across Song Jiuyue’s eyes.

“I really can’t understand why Grandfather Gu like that slut Song Wuyou so much.” Song Jiumei muttered with annoyance.

“A slut will have a slut’s means.” witnessing Old Grandfather Gu being amiable with Song Wuyou, Song Jiuyue’s heart was naturally alarmed.

Gu Yanhao had filial piety thus he had always listened to Grandfather Gu’s words. He had told Gu Yanhao to marry that slut and Gu Yanhao followed it without question. This time, if he does not allow Gu Yanhao to divorce, then he would also listen to him.

Old Grandfather Gu favored Song Wuyou so much, naturally there was no chance of him agreeing Gu Yanhao to divorce Song Wuyou.

“After she hit me in public and the media labeling her shameless and outrageous, she has no reputation left. I really cannot understand why Grandfather Gu still likes her so much!” the more Song Jiumei thought about it, the more irritated she became.

“I already said, sluts will have their means.” Obviously, Song Jiuyue was also riled up.

While talking, Song Jiumei’s eyes turned chilly abruptly, “Seems like, we must use the last trick.”

Song Jiuyue: “What do do you have in mind?”

Flashing off an insidious smile, Song Jiumei muttered, “You’ll know later.”

Song Jiuyue warned, “Don’t be reckless, after all, there is friendship between the Gu and Song Families.”

Song Jiumei: “No need to worry, my sole target is Song Wuyou. It won’t affect the relationship between the two families.”


After dinner, everyone was free to roam around and entertain themselves.

The madams that were close to Mrs. Song started to play mahjong together.

Some businessmen gathered around discussing economics issues.

This time around, a good friend of Song Nan suddenly voiced out a unique present––– konghou[1].

It was a phoenix-headed ancient Chinese harp that looked like a zither, the handiwork was so delicate and beautiful.

Its arrival attracted much admiring gazes.

“How do you play this?”

“Is this a zither?”


[1] Konghou ––– Chinese Harp.

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