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Chapter 45: He Indifferently Stares at Song Wuyou

One pulled her to the left, and the other pulled her to the right, putting Song Wuyou in a difficult position.

Song Jiumei could not help shuddering being scrutinized by Gu Yanhao’s icy gaze.

But when she thought of Song Wuyou being embarrassed in front of so many people, she mustered all her courage and flashed Gu Yanhao an innocent smile.

“Young Master Gu, Wuyou knows how to play the zither. In fact, she said before whatever my dajie knows, she also knows.”

Song Wuyou looked at Gu Yanhao with an expression that clearly pleaded; ‘You-must-save-me’.

Gu Yanhao shot her a side eye, and when his eyes reverted back to Song Jiumei, the coldness in them lowered several degrees: “I said she doesn’t know, means she doesn’t!”

Observing Song Wuyou’s expression, Song Jiumei became even more determined to make fun of her.

She was quite familiar with Song Wuyou’s character, so Song Jiumei released her hand then deliberately said in a provocative tone, “Wuyou, don’t tell me you don’t even know how to play zither?”


“Haven’t you always bragged around that you’re better than dajie in everything?”


“Isn’t this a good chance to show everyone?”

“………….” Song Wuyou ‘struggled’ indecisively.

“I should’ve guessed it, you don’t know anything, other than arrogance there is still only arrogance.” Seeing Song Wuyou’s hesitation, Song Jiumei took a closer step towards her, mouth moved close to her ear as she whispered with a taunting smile on her face.

The tone of her voice was well modulated. Other than Gu Yanhao, nobody else heard what she said.

“Who said!” Song Wuyou’s temper immediately flared up as she glared heatedly at Song Jiumei with dissatisfaction, “Who said I know nothing other than being arrogant?”

Song Jiumei was delighted inwardly as she watched Song Wuyou’s reaction.

She knew this Song Wuyou could not bear to stand other people’s aggravation, rubbing her corners.

Especially when they compared her with Song Jiuyue. She would get riled up in a snap of a finger.

Hearing her retort, Gu Yanhao directed a pointed look towards Song Wuyou

“You know how to play the zither, right?” Song Jiumei asked with a sing song voice and an enticing smile.

Song Wuyou lifted her chin slightly, exclaiming witch much arrogance, “It’s just a zither, why don’t I know how to play?”

“Song Wuyou! Enough!” Gu Yanhao gripped her hand, forcing her back to the sofa and reminded icily at the same time, “Control your ludicrous temper!”

‘Don’t know then don’t know, what is she pretending for?’

“Knowing how to play zither is a ludicrous temper?” Song Wuyou blinked her eyes innocently with a hint of confusion in them, looking somewhat lovely and yet exasperating.

“How would you know when Song Jiuyue doesn’t?” Gu Yanhao’s accusation question came off his lips laced with coldness.

‘That is not a zither in the first place!’

Having heard his words, Song Wuyou snickered in her heart; so, in his opinion, what Song Jiuyue couldn’t do, she also would not be able to do?

When he said that, an awkward embarrassment flashed across Song Jiuyue’s face.

“She doesn’t know how, doesn’t mean I don’t know too!” With much force, Song Wuyou flung away Gu Yanhao’s hand and stood up abruptly. She walked to Song Jiumei’s side and clamored sulkily, “I’ll show you today that I know how to play this zither, humph!”

Her current action seemed like the epitome of reckless arrogance.

The her like this gave the impression of a jumping clown.

“Jiuyue, move away! Hurry up!” with Song Wuyou coming before them, Mrs. Song immediately pulled Song Jiuyue away.

A complacent smile shone from her eyes as she spare a glance at Song Wuyou’s face before leaving the seat. This slut, courting death by herself, shouldn’t blame her for being humiliated.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes stared with detachment indifference, no one noticed a complex feelings were raging storm in the depth of his eyes.

He stared indifferently at Song Wuyou. This damn woman, was there even a way to put a leash to her unwarranted arrogance?

Song Jiuyue stood up and relinquished the seat to Song Wuyou wordlessly.

Song Wuyou walked with confidence as if she was going up the stage to receive an award, sitting in front of the zither with joy written all over her face.

Studying the zither in front of her, her lips tilted slightly in appreciation.

Just by the body of this instrument, it was obvious this was certainly good stuff!

She raised her hand and plucked the strings with a delicate gentleness.


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