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Chapter 47: When Did She Learn How to Play the Zither?

The strings of musical notes bubbled up like a spring of nature, every note seemed to work its wonders, caressing the core of the hearts of everyone listening.

As if the smooth streaming notes were gently healing the soul, soothing it, providing a serenity, everyone present felt as if they were transported to the tranquil evergreen mountains with a mellow stream right in front of their eyes.

Gradually, amazement took over their faces; the usual arrogant Song Wuyou actually knows how to play such a beautiful song?!

On Gu Yanhao’s cold deadpanned face, a rare trace of shock flickered across his eyes.

In the depths of his sharp eyes were surging waves.

His gaze never left Song Wuyou the entire time.

The woman sitting upright, the movements of her fingers were light yet powerful and elegant, akin to dragonflies playing on the surface of the water.

Her fluid and confident movement have the impression that she had played this song often, hence every turn of her wrists, every pick of a string was flawless.

Wonderful notes echoed; soft yet unbending, opening a new world of experience altogether for the people in the room.

Then, the song suddenly transformed, from happy and cheerful notes to deep, and majestic as if it could embrace the vast horizon into its bosom…..

As they listened, it seemed to tell a story that was full of tears and blood of war that raged through history.

Such a song astounded the listeners’ ears, stirring their emotions.

A smile that showed pleasant surprise curved up on Old Grandfather Gu’s face.

The giant waves in Gu Yanhao’s eyes became fiercer as the song continued on.

As he listened to this song, inexplicably, a picture emerged in his mind:

Dusk with the evening sunset shining its last sliver of fiery ember glow on the land. A group of lean men wrapped banana leaves around their bodies as clothes, each gripped a bloodstained long spear in their hands, faces were painted with dark oil were singing as they danced, performing an ancient ritual…..

The expressions that flitted across Song Jiumei’s face that the first few seconds were quite a sight to behold; starting with shock to disbelief, and finally settling on fury and unwillingness.

The woman playing the song on that zither, could she really be the same Song Wuyou?

How was it even possible for she to know how to play such a beautiful song?!

Among the surprised, Song Jiuyue was no exception, and although her face showed surprise, her heart was aflame with jealousy, especially when she noticed Gu Yanhao staring unblinkingly at Song Wuyou. Right at that moment, she really wished she could just walk up to Song Wuyou and stop her from playing further. This slut Song Wuyou, since when did she know how to play the zither?

When the song finished, Song Wuyou lightly folded her hands on the zither, signaling the end of the song.

Casting her gaze down, long lashes fluttered as she blinked away the remnants of feelings swirling in her eyes.

When she looked up again she had returned to the usual willful Song Wuyou.

At this point, Gu Yanhao was staring at her with somewhat pleased expression.

Meanwhile, Old Grandfather Gu’s eyes were filled with love.

“Wuyou, you don’t even know how to play the piano, how come you can play zither?” Song Jiuyue walked up, her voice sounded strained as she tried to sound pleasant.

Song Wuyou stood up: “Dajie, if you don’t even know how to play the Chinese Harp, how can you play the piano?”

Song Wuyou’s smooth retort choked Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue had never imagined Song Wuyou would throw her question right back at her face, but she could only resort to cursing Song Wuyou maliciously in her heart.

Song Wuyou stood up lightly and walked to a stand before Song Jiuyue, her voice was not too loud but it was clear enough to be heard by most of the people present.

“Dajie, actually this string instrument is not a zither, it is a Chinese harp.”

Song Wuyou could tell the difference between a zither and a Chinese harp, but what the heck is a piano…..?

“Chinese harp?”

Song Jiuyue’s expression changed as she looked bafflingly at Song Wuyou, “How did you know it is a harp?”

Song Wuyou smiled faintly, “I know how to play it, how could I not know what it is.”

Moreover, this was a historical piece harp, an antique ah.

Song Wuyou’s words made Song Jiuyue felt greatly humiliated, grinding her teeth secretly to endure; Song Wuyou’s action was no different than slapping her face in public.

“When did you learn it?” suppressing the anger in her heart, Song Jiuyue asked again, trying to keep the anger out from her voice and putting on an amiable smile on her face.

Song Wuyou exclaimed in a bewildered manner as she walked passed her, “Why should I tell you?”

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