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Chapter 49: You’re (Suddenly) Concern about Me?

Gu Yanhao’s sudden action frightened Song Jiumei that she nearly reached out to stop him instinctively, in the last moment she managed to hold back but the expressions on her face fretted back and forth.

All these did not escape Song Wuyou’s attention.

Song Wuyou snickered inwardly; There is something wrong with this liquor.

Leaning her body subtlely to one side, Song Wuyou agilely avoided his outreached from snatching the glass away.

Smiling at him, she stated, “I want to drink.”

“You cannot drink!” Gu Yanhao glared daggers at her.

His insistence actually surprised Song Jiumei.

Song Wuyou smiled, “It’s just one drink.”

“Damn woman, your injuries have not recovered fully, you’re not allowed to drink hard liquor.”

“Young Master Gu, this liquor is not that strong.” Song Jiumei put on her best earnest expression.

However, her words failed to catch even an iota of Gu Yanhao’s attention.

Gu Yanhao kept a stern gaze on the unbudging Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou laughed sweetly, “You suddenly felt so concern about me?”

Subjected to this question, and coming from her made Gu Yanhao stunned for a moment; why is he suddenly so concerned about her?

When did he begin to care about her health condition?

Awkwardness flashed in his eyes, yet it disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared.

His determined hand snatched the glass away from Song Wuyou while issuing a strong denial, “It’s only right for a husband to be concerned about his wife, what is wrong in that?”
Within the next moment, he already tilted his head back and drained the glass of brandy.


It was too late for Song Jiumei to stop Gu Yanhao. Witnessing how Gu Yanhao’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, Song Jiumei froze on the spot.

Young Master Gu… He drank it all up?!

Right at that moment, Song Jiumei felt the strongest sense of fear……

Her overly suspicious reaction was noted down by Song Wuyou.

“Take it away!” Gu Yanhao stuffed the glass into Song Jiumei’s hand which had froze in midair. An obvious light of contempt gleamed in his eyes as he swept a cold glance over her person.

Song Jiumei held onto the glass dazedly, not knowing what to do at this exact moment, in this kind of situation.

Blinking at her innocently, Song Wuyou said, “Does it count if my husband drinks it on my behalf?”

As the word ‘husband’ rolled off her tongue, it successfully roused a bubble of tenderness in Gu Yanhao’s heart.

The depth behind the man’s irises sparkled. He could not find any annoyance whatsoever with the reference ‘husband’ coming out from her mouth.

Old Grandfather Gu was laughing to himself seeing his grandson acting this way about Song Wuyou.

Song Jiuyue on the other hand, looked she could not handle these public display of affection anymore.

Clenching her fists, she turned around, excused herself and escaped up the stairs!

She was afraid she would lose control in front of everyone, her image of a refined, elegance Eldest Miss of the Song Family that she had worked so hard to build would be ruined.

“I….. I’m going to see the other relatives.”

Song Jiumei caught a glimpse of Song Jiuyue’s figure ‘running’ upstairs, jolting her back to her senses, stammering out a clumsy excuse, she followed Song Jiuyue’s silhouette from behind.

Shit! Shit! She had sinned greatly this time, she must quickly confess to Song Jiuyue.

“Go back.” Gu Yanhao looked coldly at Song Wuyou and said, his tone of voice bore a hint of order.

“Okay,” Song Wuyou maintained the smile on her face, bade goodbye to Old Grandfather Gu before following Gu Yanhao’s figure out of the Song Family Estate.

Some people were watching them as they took their leave, and shook their heads, “Didn’t they say Mrs. Gu lack manners, and was exceptionally spoiled? It doesn’t seem like that to me ah?”

“Although what she wore wasn’t branded goods, her figure and skin are very good, having such worldly temperament, totally contrary to the rumors spreading around.”

“Someone that can enter Old Grandfather Gu’s eyes and became a daughter-in-law of the Gu Family, how bad can that person be? In my opinion, someone had made all these rumors because of envy.”

“Perhaps. Thinking about it, which big families’ daughter don’t have some temper? My family’s Lan Lan throws a tantrum every other day too.”


Listening to these people heaping praises on Song Wuyou, Mr. Song’s face became blacker than the bottom of a pot and was on the verge of kicking everyone out of the house.


Song Wuyou sat in the front passenger seat of the Maybach.

Her head tilted sideways, watching Gu Yanhao drive with curiosity and puzzlement.

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