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Chapter 50: It’s Getting Hot

With both hands on the steering wheel, Gu Yanhao maneuvered the vehicle with ease.

It appeared whatever cool person does would always look cool, even something as humdrum and simple as driving a car paints a glorious picture.

It was just that….

Suddenly, a frown appeared on Song Wuyou’s face. Though she had most of the original host’s memories, why does she feel unfamiliar with driving?

Starting from the second she was discharged from the hospital, she had always moved around by taxi. Some that sat at the back of the car.

Now, occupying the seat right next to the driver presented an opportunity for Song Wuyou to observe the actions closely, and she was amazed as she watched Gu Yanhao drove.

“Want to drive?” Gu Yanhao couldn’t help but noticed her intent gaze filled with interest aimed at the steering wheel and the pedals below, thus asked out.

“No!” Song Wuyou retrieved her gaze quickly and look in another direction.

“When did you learn how to play Chinese harp?” he took a quick look at the side of her face, asking.

“From early on.”

“When was that?”

“Five years ago.” Song Wuyou uttered a white lie.

“How old were you five years ago?”

“How old am I now?”


“Hehe….” complicated feelings flashed passed Song Wuyou’s face, “I thought you didn’t know my age.”

“Hadn’t you been tangling yourself around me since the first day you saw me? Where did you get the time to learn Chinese harp?” Gu Yanhao shot her another questioning look.

“Did you allow me to tangle around you every day, the whole day? Did you actually notice my presence or absence for that matter?” Song Wuyou’s smile was derision in full bloom.

“………” Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow at her, and the atmosphere in the car suddenly turned uncanny.

Still, Song Wuyou did not break this pregnant silence. Turning her head away again, she looked out the window.

“The song you played today was called ⟪The Last Flag of Banana Leaf⟫?”

“En,” Song Wuyou nodded her head in affirmation.

“Such a nice song should be very famous. But, why haven’t I heard the name of this song before?” Gu Yanhao squinted his eyes, as if seriously pondering the matter.

“I composed it myself.” Song Wuyou said.

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao’s head immediately snapped towards her, staring at her profoundly, “You even know how to compose?”

Facing his stare head on, Song Wuyou turned towards him and flashed a brilliant smile, “The things I know are many.”

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips curved up in a mysterious smile.

In all honesty, Song Wuyou had no idea about what he was thinking of and definitely had no interest whatsoever to know what he was thinking of.

Her goal was to gradually change her image, not only in his opinion but in everyone’s eye.

“Looks like I need to get to know you from the beginning once more.” Gu Yanhao’s phoenix eyes darkened as he looked straight ahead, muttering in a voice barely above a whisper.

“Whatever. But the sentiment isn’t mutual.” In fact, it was pointless to repeat the process, he would still be the same him whereas she was not the same her anymore.

Smirking, Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out to turn on the car aircon up.

A while later, Song Wuyou who wore a light dress felt the cold.

Rubbing her arms, she muttered “So cold.”

Gu Yanhao glanced at her, “Cold?”

But he felt very hot ah…..

“En,” Song Wuyou’s brows creased together as the cold temperature became more uncomfortable.

Glancing at her from the side, Gu Yanhao noted that she was wearing a short sleeve dress, thinking of her how weak her body was since she was still recuperating, he took off his outer coat for her.

Watching him controlling the steering wheel with one hand while trying to take off his coat with the other hand, Song Wuyou was astounded for a moment, “What are you doing?!”

In that mere few seconds, he had already taken off his coat and passed it over to her. A masculine scent belonging to him teased her nostrils, enveloping her within.

“Put it on.” He felt hot so he was reluctant to turn off the car’s air conditioner.

“I’m not putting it on,” Song Wuyou even inched away, unwilling to take his coat.

When she had fallen sick in the past, he had not even cared. Now she was merely feeling cold, why was he suddenly acting like a gentleman and taking off his coat for her?

Showing her some concern?

Too bad, she doesn’t care for it anymore….

“Put it on!” Gu Yanhao threw the jacket onto her lap, commanding in an overbearing tone.

He frowned deeply; damn, he already took off his coat, but why did he feel it is getting hotter instead?

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