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Chapter 51:  There is a Problem with that Glass of Liquor

Song Wuyou pursed her lips, and reluctantly put on his coat while shooting him a glare from the corner of her eyes, “If you really are concern about me, you shouldn’t blast the air conditioner so high.”

“I feel hot!” Gu Yanhao snapped, somewhat irritated.

As if detecting she detected irritation in his voice, Song Wuyou could not help but look carefully at him in silence for several seconds.

It was already so cold, but this man still feels hot?

In fact, Gu Yanhao felt the surge of heat seemed to increase every second. It felt so hot and uncomfortable that he tugged at his tie with annoyance, looking like he wants to shred it into pieces.

Noticing the unusual tinge of crimson creeping up his face, Song Wuyou inquired, “Did you drink a lot in the Song Estate just now?”

“The sole drink I took was on your behalf!” truly irked, Gu Yanhao snapped his answer.

Song Wuyou finally caught the root of the problem when she heard Gu Yanhao’s reply.

He was questioning her about her Chinese harp performance earlier and distracted her attention away from the glass of liquor that Song Jiumei gave earlier.

Replaying the scene in her mind, and of Song Jiumei’s reaction when she saw Gu Yanhao swallowing the brandy down in one gulp, the more certain she was the problem lies with the liquor.

“Just one drink is enough to make you feel hot and bothered like this?” Song Wuyou feigned ignorance and made a snide remark at him instead.

“…………” Gu Yanhao simply ignored Song Wuyou as he continued to tug at his necktie in violent gestures.

Wishing for colder air, his hands reached out only to find the car’s air conditioner was at the lowest settings–––it could not be decreased any further.

He then lowered the car window and accelerated the speed, causing strong wind from outside whistling as it burst into the car.

Instantly, both of their hair was messed up.

Song Wuyou used her hand to press down her long hair that was flying in all directions like crazy as she glared venomously at Gu Yanhao.

“Gu Yanhao, close the window! The wind is giving me a headache!”

Whether it was due to the lack of exercise or she really still hadn’t fully recovered from the car accident, this current body of hers was extremely weakㅡtoo weak for her taste.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes swept across her face, seeing her frowning as if enduring pain, his eyes sharpened.

He wordlessly closed the window but the gloominess on his face only deepened, even the irritation he felt only increased considerably.

Although the wind from outside was strong, it still couldn’t bring any cooling comfort to him. On the contrary, it actually intensified the hotness burning in his body.

A gust of cold air from the car’s aircon blew at him after the window was fully closed. But, it only lasted for mere seconds before vanishing…..

His thin lips pursed into a thin line, even his neck felt as if they ballooned; the furrows on Gu Yanhao’s brows deepened…. It was obvious he was very uncomfortable.

Seeing his exaggerated response, Song Wuyou casually mentioned, “Could the drink Song Jiumei gave you have a problem?”


Just as Song Wuyou’s words came out, a loud screeching sound of intense friction between the road and car’s tires rendered the air.

The powerful inertia from the sudden brake caused Song Wuyou’s body to be thrown forward, knocking her head against the dashboard.

Before the pain on her forehead could register, she was already pulled back by the safety belt’s mechanism, and her back slammed into the seat.

Being jolted consecutively made Song Wuyou dizzy and confused, losing her bearing for a moment.


She glared angrily at Gu Yanhao and was to rain blame on him when a large silhouette loomed over her.

Before she could show her fierce infuriated face, fright-filled her eyes being caught unprepared by how close their faces were, “Gu, Gu Yanhao, what are you doing?”

“What did you say just now?” Gu Yanhao’s low voice questioned; there was a dangerous glint in his unfathomable obsidian pupils.

His hot breath blew onto her face, making her feel the difference in temperature.

Song Wuyou swallowed the lump in her throat, and said once more, “I said, could there be a problem with that liquor?”

Eyes narrowed dangerously and his gaze turned sharp like it could pierce through Song Wuyou.

There was a tinge of pink blush on her cheeks. Song Wuyou’s eyes appeared so spirited and sparkled which made Gu Yanhao suddenly felt, at this moment, she was extremely enticing.

No, it should be seductive.


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