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Chapter 53: He…. He Kisses Her Again?!

Gu Yanhao was extremely stressed that he felt like he was being driven to the edge and starting to lose control over himself.

His long fingers swiftly reached out and closed around Song Wuyou’s throat, restraining her yet, doesn’t hurt her.

Dark irises burned a hole in her, “You really want to me to do you in the car?”

Song Wuyou glared at him heatedly: “I’m not so cheap.”

“From what I can see, cheapness runs deep in your bones.” Gu Yanhao scoffed coldly.

“You can think however you pleased.” Song Wuyou desperately pushed his hand away.

“Drive!” once again Gu Yanhao roared his command.

He was about to lose all of his reason, if she chooses to be difficult and continued insisting not knowing how to drive, he would really ‘devour’ her in the car.

“I’ll go out and call someone for you.”

Song Wuyou was about to unbuckle the seatbelt when a big hand had already clasped her wrist with great force.

Raising her head, her sight collided with Gu Yanhao’s icy and gloomy one. Those eyes seemed to promise unimaginable wickedness.

A cold shiver crept itself down her spine as she steeled her herself to look back at him coldly, “You….!’

“Aren’t you addicted in playing your little games! Fine, I’ll fulfill your wish!” the man’s voice was low, deep, and hoarse, yet it was cutting cold and laced with ridicule.

“I….” did not.

The latter two words were swallowed away.

The man’s head bent down and ravaged Song Wuyou’s lips mercilessly.

This kiss was more like him venting out his frustrations. The tumult of biting and sucking sent pulses of pain in Song Wuyou’s system.
“……..” Song Wuyou felt dizzy again.

He………… he kissed her again?!

He forced her lips open with his tongue, and then plunged in and plundered wantonly into her territory.

Song Wuyou’s body grew weak from the passionate kiss, barely had enough strength to keep her mind working, not to mention resist.

The man’s hot large hands roamed ferociously on her body. But, the moment that large hand with scorching hot temperature inched up toward her breast, the cloudy-minded Song Wuyou suddenly shuddered.

“No!” she made another attempt to push away the out of control Gu Yanhao.

Through the clothes, she could feel the scorching high temperature coming from the man’s body. Even with the aircon blasting at full power inside the car, she still turned hot when their skin brushed against each other.

The drug’s effect was so terrifying, even someone as strong-willed as Gu Yanhao was about to collapse and succumb to its effect.

He was barely fine before he drowns in those lips, and tasted the supple softness of her body. The burning passion in his groin seemed to come alive, surging violently that he couldn’t suppress it any longer any more than he wanted to.

The more Song Wuyou resisted, pushing him away, the more he desired her.

The last shred of reason he managed to maintain thought Song Wuyou was playing a game with him by doing so.

Since she loved to play that much, then he would play along; who told her to make him suffer like this….


Song Wuyou cursed in her heart.

Why was it, the more she resisted the more this man’s actions became even more presumptuous?

His built was muscular and tall, thus she had no way to throw him off.

The man’s body pressed and weighed down on her slightly. This action was enough to lock her in place with no room to escape.

His hand became more audacious as they started to pull at her dress.

Gu Yanhao’s lips traveled down to Song Wuyou’s nape which made her feel itchy and ticklish at the same time.

This must stop!

Song Wuyou still could not push him away even after exerting all the energy she could summon.

What method was there?

Why was she so petite and weak whilst he was so strong and big?


Watching he was about to tear off her dress, and unable to fend him off in this weak body…

In a moment of desperation, both of Song Wuyou’s hands chopped down.

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