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Chapter 55: “You’re Checking Out My Wife?”

“That type of women that grows on you the more one looks at them, all the more mesmerizing.”

“You were checking out my wife?”

“You recognize her as your wife?” Mu Gu put on a shocked expression in front of Gu Yanhao.

“…………..” Gu Yanhao’s brows twisted together at this remark.

Thinking of the sentence he had just uttered, he was stunned himself.

He had actually claimed her as his wife in front of Mu Gu?

Yet, as all these thoughts ran through his mind, he kept a collected expression on his face as he looked at Mu Gu as if it had nothing to do with him even if the sky were to fall down.

“She is my wife after all.” He stated as a matter-of-factly with a tinge of nonchalance in his voice.

“Since you recognized her as your wife, then you should also take care of her well instead of thinking of divorcing her every single day.”

A dark light flashed across Gu Yanhao’s eyes, “A divorce is better for her.”

Mu Gu, of course understood what his words meant.

Looking directly at Gu Yanhao, he asked, “You’re afraid you can’t protect her?”

Having his capability questioned does not sit well with Gu Yanhao.

His long leg stretched out and flew towards Mu Gu.

Mu Gu reacted swiftly. His body sprung back in a jiff, leaping into the air from the sofa, dodging Gu Yanhao’s tornado kick.

“What the fuck, Ah Hao! A gentleman uses reasons and not fists. You’ve even used your long leg, are you still a gentleman?” Mu Gu brushed off the surface of his white shirt, whining sulkily as he scowled full at Gu Yanhao.

“There’s no need to be a gentleman with you.” Gu Yanhao retrieved his leg elegantly.

“Don’t assume that I don’t know, you actually like Song Wuyou.” One of Mu Gu’s favorite pastime was to pursue topics others did not like to talk about.

“What has it got to do with you?”

“Of course it has everything got to do with me! You like her, but in that situation you didn’t want her, and you wanted me instead. Think for yourself, it is my business or not?”

“If you utter one more word of nonsense, I don’t mind telling Ah De to take care of you.” Gu Yanhao glared threateningly at Mu Gu.

An excited light flickered in Ah De’s eyes as he looked at Mu Gu with feverish eyes, the anticipation was akin to a caged hungry wolf salivating over a prey, just waiting for the gates to be opened.

“Fine, fine, I won’t say anymore. Let’s settle the bill first, one antidote is five million.” Mu Gu once again got comfortable on the sofa, announcing the prince with a beaming smile at Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao: “Why don’t you go and rob the bank instead?”

“How are banks easier to rob than you? Robbing you is more convenient.”

“Ah De!”

Within the next second, Ah De made a gesture of pulling out his gun.

“Okay, okay, I surrender, satisfied?”

Both hands raised up. A mischievous light gleamed in Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes as he showed Gu Yanhao an amiable smile, “I don’t want money, just come and stay in my pasture ranch.”

Gu Yanhao scoffed at Mu Gu begrudgingly, “Just a herd of cows and horses, there’s nothing to see.”

The corner of Mu Gu’s lips jerked convulsively after hearing Gu Yanhao’s reply; This man, I didn’t invite you to see the herds of cows and horses.

“The horse’s milk wine[1] that this father made is smooth and fragrant, don’t you want to have a taste?”

A menacing look radiated off Gu Yanhao, “Why didn’t you bring it over?”

“Is there hope of luring you to see my herd of cattle and horses if I was to bring it over?”

“I’m busy!”

“Then give me a call when you are free. It has been a long time since we both competed in riding and archery.” Mu Gu grinned.

There was a shadow of tiredness on Gu Yanhao’s face, leaning lazily onto the sofa, and said dismissively “You can go.”


Mu Gu shook his head helplessly, “How did I become friends with the likes of you? I rushed from far away to bring you the antidote, and you won’t even treat me for a meal before telling me to go.”


Mu Gu was walking down the stairs when he spotted Song Wuyou leisurely making tea at the coffee table.

Perhaps, brewing tea would be a better word. Every gesture emanated refinement and elegance.

She sat composedly in front of the coffee table. Her head was slightly bent down. Soft black waterfall hair naturally fell onto her front, lining up her curves.

Her hand raised, lifting the small teapot following which she poured the tea out in a soft fluid motion. Soft, translucent amber tea flowed out in a beautiful arch and the entire picture was very captivating like a painting.



[1] Horse’s milk wine is also known as Kumis. It is a fermented dairy product that is traditionally made from mare’s milk. It tastes pungent on the tongue like rapé wine when drunk, and when a man has finished drinking, it leaves a taste of almond milk on the tongue …source: wikipedia

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