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Chapter 56: Song Wuyou Brews Tea

The way she goes about brewing tea was skilled with familiarity as if she had done it often.

Witnessing to this beautiful scene shocked Mu Gu greatly that his footsteps halted on the staircase. Holding his breath in as he watched her, leaning against the railing of the staircase.

The pastel blue dress emphasized her demure softness and her jade white skin.

Her appearance was very much dignified and excellent.

However, what stunned Mu Gu had wasn’t her dazzling appearance but the familiar skills she possessed in brewing tea.

This woman in front of him absolutely knew tea, every turn of her wrist was exceptionally graceful. She was to totally the opposite of what the raging rumors painted her to be ––– unruly, arrogant, and selfish?

A tantalizing tea aroma wafted in his direction, rousing his senses. Mu Gu could not help to inhale deeply, savoring the fresh aroma.

Really fragrant; so pure.

When the tea was ready, Song Wuyou poured a cup out for herself, taking took a small sip through her lips.

“The tea leaves are good, but the quality of the water has reduced the taste. Although it’s rich and mellow, there seems to be a somewhat blunt aftertaste.” Song Wuyou’s delicate brows wrinkled a little.

“I think the scent is very fragrant ah Miss.” Xu Jing was already shocked dumb watching Song Wuyou. Miss actually knew how to brew tea.

Song Wuyou smiled at her, “Come and have a cup.”

Xu Jing was more than willing to comply: “Great!”

She walked around Song Wuyou and sat down on the seat next to her.

In turn, Song Wuyou poured another cup of tea and passed it to Xu Jing.

At the time when she raised her head, her eyes coincidentally caught a glimpse of a white figure at the staircase.

Thinking it was Gu Yanhao, she glanced over her gaze but what she greeted her was a refreshing handsome face.

The other side was also staring at her. Their gazes collided abruptly. The man seemed to notice his gaffe as he immediately flashed her a sunny smile.

“The tea smells really good.” Mu Gu walked down the stairs with a smile and commented, “People who know how to appreciate tea, know how to live well.”

From the opinion she made about the tea earlier, it was evident to Mu Gu that this woman in front of him understood tea.

“Would you like a cup?” Song Wuyou smiled and made an offer.

Song Wuyou knew that he was Gu Yanhao’s friend, yet she still could not recall his name even till this very moment.

“Why wouldn’t I?” walking over to the coffee table, Mu Gu took the empty seat beside Song Wuyou without the slightest restraint.

Song Wuyou poured a cup of tea out for him.

After tasting a sip from the cup, his masculine brows shot up simultaneously.

“This is the best tea I’ve ever tasted!” this was an honest compliment.

He was not the type to drink tea. Most of the time, his choice of drink would be horse milk wine.

But the tea in his hand tasted pure, smooth, and leaves a light lingering taste of tea at the tip of his mouth, refreshing and rejuvenating his senses.

“En, Miss, the tea you brewed is excellent.” Xu Jing followed suit and took a sip. Moments later, she complimentedㅡthe tea was very refreshing.

“Then, you should drink more.” Song Wuyou’s eyes lit up while looking at Xu Jing.

Mu Gu turned his head around and caught the sparkle in her eyes, coupled with her sweet smile, once again he could not help but feel astounded.

Gu Yanhao, this guy, is so blessed.

A master that treats their servants generously, how could they even be categorized as selfish?

Mu Gu was thinking; rumors were truly unreliable.

“Have you learned how to brew tea before?” Mu Gu asked, his curiosity was stoked.

“En,” Song Wuyou nodded, “have learned a little cause I was too idle.”

“Not bad, not bad!” Mu Gu praised heartily, “The person is beautiful, and the tea is fragrant.”

Mu Gu’s compliment, Song Wuyou accepted without feeling shy.

Her calm demeanor once again impressed Mu Gu.

He had met many stunning beauties with equally great bodies. Those from the wealthy family’s backgrounds were not excluded, yet none of them possessed even an ounce of this woman’s poise, chic, and dignified temperament.

Originally, Mu Gu planned to leave the moment he walked out from Gu Yanhao’s room.

But, after sitting down and engaging in a little conversation with Song Wuyou, he had already thrown this thought into the bin.

In her previous life, Song Wuyou had a steadfast and cheerful personality. Even during the years of warring when she had disguised herself as a man, she had not forgotten to cackle up some joke with the band of brothers casually.

However, ever since she had been confined in the Cold Palace, there was no one she could talk with.

The original host was even more pitiful, for she has no friends at all.

All in all, Song Wuyou could not recall how long it was since she last had a good time while chatting with someone like this.

Mu Gu accompanied her. They drank tea and talk. In the blink of an eye, the sun was already buried its presence in the western sky.

“Song Wuyou, what do think about you coming and play at my ranch?” Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes looked at her with expectation…

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