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Chapter 57: My Life’s Favorite

“Right now?” Song Wuyou’s eyes shone, slightly tempted.

It was rare to encounter a person that did not despise her and was willing to talk about so many things with her.

The way he looked at her was filled with appreciation and goodwill, hence Song Wuyou did not have the heart to decline Mu Gu’s invitation.

“Anytime you like!” seeing Song Wuyou did not refuse his invitation outright, the sunny smile on Mu Gu’s became brighter.

The word ‘great’ nearly escaped Song Wuyou’s lips due to excitement, but she managed to bite back the word remembering the tailor she still needed to search for to make the dress she had designed. Instead, she only smiled embarrassedly.

“What about next week? I’m not free in the next two days.”


“What’s fun at the pasture ranch?”

“Horse riding, archery, drinking horse milk wine, and of course, take pleasure in the beautiful scenery of nature.”

Song Wuyou beamed as she inched a little closer towards Mu Gu, secretly whispering to him, “All these activities are my favorite ah.”

Suddenly Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes lit up, “That’s great to hear.”

Mimicking Song Wuyou’s action, he also leaned closer to her, mysteriously divulging, “These are also my life’s favorites.”

Glancing over at him, the smile on Song Wuyou’s face could not get any brighter, “Your life’s favorites?”

Mu Gu’s eyes took a once over look at Song Wuyou’s face before nodding in affirmation. The corner of his lips curved up, “En.”

Blinking in confusion, as an obvious doubt on Song Wuyou’s expression, “Shouldn’t your life’s favorite be women or money?”

“Women only fancy my face and money. So, I cannot entrust my entire lifetime’s feelings on them. Money is nothing but an external factor, it only brings materialistic satisfaction but it cannot provide me with happiness from a spiritual or psychological aspect.”

“Those you mentioned just now, can fulfill the happiness you’re seeking?”


Song Wuyou questioned in a joking manner, “You like to ride on a stallion or a mare?”



“Because it gives me milk to drink, I like to drink horse milk wine.”

Song Wuyou chuckled happily, “Me too.”

“I didn’t expect we have so many interests in common, haha…..”


Gu Yanhao stood on the staircase, watching Song Wuyou and Mu Gu talking and laughing animatedly with each other. His unfathomable eyes looming, the proud brows abruptly rose in skepticism.

This was the first time he saw Song Wuyou laughing like thisㅡsincere, carefree, and happy.

His eyes were like swords as he glared intently at Mu Gu’s left arm that was hanging too close to his liking from Song Wuyou’s shoulder.

Does he have a death wish getting so chummy with his wife?

As if the both of them had felt Gu Yanhao’s sharp gaze at the same time.

The two people who were currently chatting gaily raised their heads and looked over in Gu Yanhao’s direction almost in sync.

Faced with his cold face, the smile on Song Wuyou’s face vanished without a trace.

Just by looking at this man, whatever good mood she had evaporated into thin air.

Mu Gu looked like he did not notice the dangerous situation he was in yet, he still flashing a brilliant smile at Gu Yanhao as he called out, “Ah Hao, your wife’s tea brewing skill is number one!”

Gu Yanhao’s cold gaze swept over to the tea utensils on the coffee table. In fact, he also had caught the scent fragrant tea earlier.

Despite knowing that, he still did not believe she knew how to brew tea.

There was an obscured suspicion in his eyes as it fell on Song Wuyou in the next moment.

This woman, is she still the same Song Wuyou that he knew?

“Why are you still standing there for? There’s still one cup left, quickly come over here and have a taste.”

Mu Gu re-adjusted his posture, sitting straight up, his slender fingers drumming the surface of the coffee table lightly with ‘dr-rr-rred’ sounds.

“Why are you still here?” Gu Yanhao lifted his legs, walking forward step by step cutting the space between them, and his tall height carried an overbearing chill with him.

Mu Gu: “Isn’t this because Wuyou’s tea is simply amazing.”

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