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Chapter 58: Your Attitude made my Heart Go Cold and Disheartened

Gu Yanhao: “Young Master Mu Gu also likes to drink tea?”

Wuyou…? The way her name came off his lips sounded so familiar but cacophonous to Gu Yanhao’s ears.

Mu Gu: “It’s not that I don’t like to drink tea, it’s just that my requirements of tea are very high. But, this is the first time I got to taste tea as fragrant as the one Wuyou brewed.”

“…………..” the temperature in Gu Yanhao’s eyes dropped evidently.

Mu Gu had always preferred to drink horse milk wine, if there was not any then, the next best choice would naturally be soju.

A beverage such as tea and the likes… as far as Gu Yanhao’s knowledge of Mu Gu extended, the man had never been keen on such things.

Mu Gu had a straightforward and honest personality, garnering such a praise from him proved just how skilled Song Wuyou’s tea brewing was.

His compliment on Song Wuyou’s skills implied that she possessed a degree of capability.

However, listening to his best friend singing his wife’s praises, somehow made his heart uncomfortable.

Before Gu Yanhao could reach the coffee table, Xu Jing had already stood up and gave a wide berth.

Gu Yanhao took the seat opposite of Song Wuyou and Mu Gu, crossing his long leg over the other in a lazy manner.

“Five minutes.. Get your ass out of my house now.” Staring at Mu Gu with eyes similar to a pair of ice daggers, and a voice to match.

Mu Gu put on a pitiful face instead, and said, “I haven’t had enough yet.”

“I’m sure you don’t want all the horses at your ranch to die.”

“You! Cruel!”

Mu Gu sulked and stood up. He then directed an angry glare at Gu Yanhao that conveyed clearly ‘Fine. You win!’ before changed his facial expression in the blink of an eye as he faced Song Wuyou with a beaming smile, “Wuyou, don’t forget to give me a call whenever you’re free.”

The thunderstorm in Gu Yanhao’s eyes raged. Mu Gu this rascal, how dare he flirt with his wife right under his nose?!

Song Wuyou said, “I don’t have your number.”

With a wrist flick, Mu Gu presented his name card before her in a fluid motion, “My mobile number and landline are written here.”

Song Wuyou received the name card with a faint smile on her face, “Okay.”

Once again, Mu Gu emphasized, “Mustn’t forget to call me when you’re free.”

Song Wuyou nodded: “Sure, I know.”

A brilliant smile hung on Song Wuyou’s face as she sent Mu Gu out of the hall.

Sending Mu Gu out, her gaze lingered for a long time even after Mu Gu’s silhouette had already disappeared from sight.

It was not because she could not bear to part, but it was because she did not want to look back.

Retracting her gaze? What for? To see Gu Yanhao’s dark smelly face? She did not feel like it.

The weather outside is quite nice, the flowers and the bees also look so beautiful ah.

However, Gu Yanhao did not share the same sentiments…

He stared at her with cold detachment, “The person has already gone, what’s there to see?”

“His person has gone, but his scent still lingers.” Mu Gu’s body exuded a scent that smelled like nature.

“Song Wuyou!” Gu Yanhao seethed with fury, a word came to mind from Song Wuyou’s action-provocation.

Slowly, Song Wuyou looked over with undisguised confusion written all over her face, “You don’t seem too happy.”

“You actually flirted with another guy in front of me?” Gu Yanhao’s sharp gaze bore into Song Wuyou.

Blinking her pretty eyes at him, looking a little lost and baffled as she said, “I only made two pots of tea for Mu Gu, and he complimented my tea is good, how is this called flirting?”

Gu Yanhao sneered, “You know how to brew tea?”

Song Wuyou flashed a brilliant smile at him, “Is that so hard to believe?”

Gu Yanhao’s bottomless eyes stared her down, “Then, what else do you know?”

With a faint trace of smile hanging at the corner of her lips, Song Wuyou fiddled with her long hair as she voiced each word without haste, “I can’t seem to remember for the time being.”

Gu Yanhao: “A single car accident can cause these dramatic changes in you? Now I’m very doubtful if you’re even the same Song Wuyou that I knew.”

Song Wuyou’s face looked sank at his remark, “No need to doubt, I really am not the same Song Wuyou.”

Xu Jing’s eyes almost popped out of its sockets due to shock when she heard this sentence. But the latter part somehow made her heart ached for her Miss.

In the vis-à-vis with the poker-faced Gu Yanhao, Song Wuyou said, “It’s not a car accident that triggered my drastic changes. It’s your attitude that disheartened me and made my heart turn cold.”

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