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Chapter 59: My Love for You, Died

Gu Yanhao’s thin lips pursed into a straight line, no emotions could be detected in his eyes as he looked at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou continued, “I used to think as long as I can make you to notice my presence, you’d pay some attention to me. I did not expect it only makes you feel disgusted with me.”

“Only when I lay on the hospital bed after the car accident did I realize that, not one person from the Song Family cared if I live or die, whereas you only cared about divorce, even ruthlessly shove the papers at my face at my weakest moment.”

“Each and every one of you was heartless and cruel. So, what little feelings I had towards any of you, had long died.”

These so-called love and familial ties, hence from then on, she would never think about it anymore.

She wanted to live freely as she pleased, lived a happy, and worthwhile life.

Her statement raised a thunderstorm in Gu Yanhao’s dark pupils.

He kept staring at Song Wuyou wordlessly. At this very moment, he had a premonition, as if a part of him had already known that the previous Song Wuyou would not return again.

Song Wuyou placed Mu Gu’s name card on the coffee table and raised her cup of tea to her lips, drinking it all in one go.

Gu Yanhao’s icy cold gaze swept across Mu Gu’s name card before it went back to Song Wuyou once more.

Song Wuyou raised an inquiring eyebrow, “Young Master Gu, why are you staring at me like this?”

Questions, doubts, and suspicions −−− this kind of gaze would make anyone feel ill at ease.

“In the past, you never drank tea.” Gu Yanhao spoke in a light tone.

Being caught off guard, Song Wuyou then laughed contemptuously, “Whether I drank tea or not in the past, how would you know? Did you ever pay any attention to me?”

“Before you got into an accident, your period usually came on the twentieth of every month. Does that count as paying attention?”


Hearing such words out of the blue, the cup nearly slipped from Song Wuyou’s hand and a pink blush colored her cheeks.

She lowered her gaze up, looking at Gu Yanhao, her surprise veiled by her long lashes, “You paid attention to this?”

Gu Yanhao answered with yet another question of his, “You don’t know how to drive anymore?”

What is with the abrupt change of topic?

Song Wuyou: “It’s not that I don’t know, I’m just traumatized by the accident. I’m afraid to drive.’

Of course, she was not stupid enough to tell the truth.

Her excuses had no loopholes in front of Gu Yanhao.

Song Wuyou stole another glance at him, noticing the tiredness etched on his forehead, she asked, “Are you feeling better? Has the ‘poison’ in your body cleared out?”

It would have been better if Song Wuyou had not asked that question, because the air around Gu Yanhao’ instantly turned gloomy when Song Wuyou brought up the matter.

A new burst of pain crept up from his neck.

He glowered at her, sneering as he said, “Your capability grows every day, you’ve even learned how to stab your enemy from the back now.”

This was what had shocked him the most.

He had never imagined there would be a day when she would knock him unconscious at the most crucial moment.

Relying on her weak and petite body, if she had hit randomly then she definitely would not come out victorious to knock him cold.

The spot she had struck was very accurate, right on the body’s acupuncture point. Hence, it only took one strikeㅡ fast and ruthless.

This woman had succeeded to make him look at her from a different angle only in such a short time.

Song Wuyou shrugged her shoulders helplessly, “If I didn’t stun you, what would I do if your body was taken advantage of? At that time, wouldn’t I be accused of playing such a game with you from morning till night?”

She was getting annoyed hearing this sentence over and over.

“You should be grateful to me instead.” Gu Yanhao scoffed.

Putting the teacup down, Song Wuyou muttered under her breath, “Why should I be grateful to you? I wouldn’t drink it even if you had not snatched it away from me.”

Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow, “You knew there’s something wrong with that liquor?”

It was Song Wuyou’s turn to scoff at him, “Even if you think using your kneecap you would know that it has a problem.”


“Song Jiumei doesn’t know I can play Chinese Harp, that’s why she pushed me to the stage, so I would be embarrassed and Song Jiumei could so avoid an embarrassing situation. But, her meticulous plan was ruined, ‘cause I knew how to play Chinese Harp.”

“She couldn’t wait to shred me into hundreds of pieces. Why would she be so kind as to bring me a drink? Aii, you won’t understand even if I lay everything out for you. In your heart, Song Jiuyue is the Queen whereas I, just a straw bag. If I were to explain, you’d think I’m jealous of Song Jiuyue, and slandering her without proof.”

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