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Chapter 60: Doubts

Song Wuyou stood up, preparing to leave for she really had no desire to stay in the same space as Gu Yanhao longer than needed.

“Xu Jing, clean the tea set and store it well.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Song Wuyou headed up the stairs without so much as a side glance.

“Dinner?” Gu Yanhao’s cold voice boomed behind her.

“Not hungry, don’t feel like eating.” Song Wuyou continued her steps as she climbed the staircase leisurely.

Looking in her direction, Gu Yanhao’s deep, unfathomable eyes followed her back.

After Song Wuyou’s figure disappeared from view, Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out to pick up Mu Gu’s name card on the coffee table. Then, in one swift motion, he crumpled it into an ugly ball within his palm before threw it into the waste bin.

“Go make a bowl of noodles for me!” Gu Yanhao ordered Xu Jing.

“Yes, Young Master Gu.”

Xu Jing hurried to the kitchen to prepare.

“Wait,” the man’s indifferent voice called out once again.

Xu Jing halted, turned around and looked at Gu Yanhao with a confused expression.

Gu Yanhao looked so scary as he stared at her, “How many years have you been by Song Wuyou’s side?”

“Six years,” was Xu Jing readily answer.

When Xu Jing had gone to work as a nanny in the Song Family, she was only seventeen and Song Wuyou was fifteen.

An eyebrow instinctively rose, “You’ve been by her side for so many years, did she learn any musical instruments in that period?”

Song Wuyou had not told Xu Jing that she played Chinese Harp at the Song Family Estates.

Xu Jing shook her head, “No.”

“Did you keep vigil at her side for the eight days she was hospitalized, at all times?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes focused sharply on her.

A little flustered, Xu Jing stammered, “Y-yes.”

Why was Young Master Gu asking these kinds of questions?

“Go make the noodles.”


After Xu Jing left, Gu Yanhao instructed Ah De, “I want to see the comparison of her DNA result with Song Nan at the shortest time possible.”

“I will arrange for it to be done immediately.” Ah De thought for a moment, glanced at Gu Yanhao’s face before venturing, “Young Master, how do we deal with Song Family’s Second Miss?”

“How to deal with her?” an ominous light gleamed in his eyes, “Let her jump a while longer, if she dared to do anything to harm Wuyou, I won’t let her off so easily.”


Soon enough, the noodles were ready to serve. Finished eating, he returned back to the study room to get some work done.

Xu Jing was cleaning on the ground floor when she suddenly noticed the crumpled name card and her mind went blank for a moment.

Should she pick it up for Miss?

But… if Young Master Gu found out, would she not die a miserable and tragic death?

After a brief moment of internal struggle, in the end, Xu Jing still picked the name card up.

Straightening out the name card, she memorized the numbers on it and then tossed it back to the waste bin.


When Song Jiuyue learned the spiked drink Song Jiumei had intended for Song Wuyou was taken by Gu Yanhao instead, her heart started to beat erratically.

Although Gu Yanhao was very filial towards Old Grandfather Gu, if he insisted on prosecuting Song Jiumei for this, he would not give Old Grandfather Gu’s any face.

However she thought it over, how many scenarios and possibilities she reckoned, this matter would only end with her on the losing side, and the probability of being terminated from Gu Group was high. She probably could no longer work there. Song Jiuyue’s heart was unable to calm down.

“It’s all your fault!” Song Jiuyue glared angrily at Song Jiumei, and scolded, “How can you something so stupid?”

“I’d even arranged a man in Song Wuyou’s old room, who would have thought Gu Yanhao would drink it on her behalf.” Song Jiumei’s hands were twisting her skirt, filled with anxiety.

“Why didn’t you try to stop him?”

“My mind just went blank for a moment, and the next second he already drunk everything.”

“No matter how Song Wuyou is, she’s still Gu Yanhao’s wife. You messed with her means you messed with Gu Yanhao.”

“Dajie, how can you say this to me? It’s no secret that Young Master Gu doesn’t love her.”

Song Jiuyue sneered, “He might later on.”

Song Jiumei was blown away, “What do you mean?”

“The way he looked at Song Wuyou today was different from before.”

Recalling the scene where Song Wuyou was playing the Chinese Harp, Song Jiuyue gnashed her teeth, brimming with anger.

“I also feel Song Wuyou is a changed person now.”

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