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Chapter 61: It Help Bolstered Our Feelings

Song Jiuyue had her suspicions, “Can a person change altogether after an accident?”

Song Jiumei was also extremely worried, “If Young Master Gu really fell in love with Song Wuyou, then what’s going to happen to you?”

Having heard this, Song Jiuyue’s face stiffened for a second. A strong glint of determination shone in her eyes as she declared, “I am absolutely going to win this year’s fashion design competition! I must win the championship and attract Gu Yanhao’s attention.”

“You’ve gone as far as giving up the right to inherit Song Group so you can work for him. This time, after you get the first place in the competition, he’ll surely be grateful to you.”

Glaring at her sister, Song Jiuyue warned her with a heavy tone, “So you must not mess things up! Even if it’s just towards Song Wuyou, you ought to restrain yourself!”

“Then we should just let that Song Wuyou swagger arrogantly?” Song Jiumei refused to give in.

“If Young Master Gu was to pursue the matter of the drink, you’d only suffer miserably!”

“………….” Reminded of this, a cold shiver ran down Song Jiumei’s back. “Dajie, what do we do now?”

“I’ll give Young Master Gu a call and apologize to him personally.” Song Jiuyue took out her mobile and pressed dial on Gu Yanhao’s number.

It did not take long for the call to be connected.

The moment Gu Yanhao’s voice sounded from the other end, Song Jiuyue’s voice instantly became tender and affectionate, even bearing a hint of remorse.

“Young Master Gu, Jiumei already told me about what happened. She just wanted to play a prank on Wuyou, but hadn’t expected…”

“You’re talking about the drink?” Before she could finish her sentence, a deep male voice cut her short.

The coldness made Song Jiuyue freeze. She could do nothing but nod dumbly, “En….”

Suddenly from the other end of the line came a low chuckle, “Help me thank your meimei. Her little prank successfully bolstered Wuyou’s and my feelings.”

These words were like a jagged knife thrust deep into Song Jiuyue’s heart.

Her heart sank, and simultaneously she lost all color on her face, “Par…pardon?”

“Wuyou and I are now doing very well.” The line disconnected with this sentence.


Right at that moment, Song Jiuyue felt as if all her energy had been drained. The hand which was still holding her mobile phone fell limp at her side as she stood staring blankly at the same spot.

Does this mean Song Wuyou was the ‘antidote’ for Gu Yanhao’s ‘poison’?

Dajie, what is it?” Song Jiumei was terrified after seeing Song Jiuyue’s expression. She was extremely worried as she wondered if Young Master Gu planned to do something to her.

She was truly frightened now….

“He said, he and Song Wuyou….” only bleak dullness could be seen in Song Wuyou’s eyes.

Having heard this, Song Jiumei’s eyes widened in shock, “Young Master Gu took Wuyou….?”

Song Jiuyue’s eyes turned icy as they glared at Song Jiumei and she roared in anger, “What do you think? All of it was to your credit!”

“…….I, I only wanted to play a prank on Wuyou. I didn’t think….”

“You didn’t think? You didn’t think you’d end up pushing them together?”

Dajie, are you saying it’s all my fault?”

“Not only am I blaming you, I even want to smack your face!”

“………..” Song Jiumei looked apprehensively at Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue’s eyes grew colder, “Once a man sleeps with a woman, things will be out of one’s control. Then, in the long run, feelings would naturally develop and love would sprout for this woman. But why must this woman be Song Wuyou?”

Song Jiumei gritted her teeth in distaste. This time, it truly had benefited that slut!  

Thinking for a while, she then tried to comfort her elder sister, “In that kind of situation, it wouldn’t involve any real feelings. It’s just venting…..”

“Venting is also sleeping…..”


Song Wuyou went to a lot of places with her design sketches, but every master tailor that took a look at her designs shook their heads. None of them dared to accept the job.

Too complicated, don’t know how to do ah.

Running in circles under the scorching hot sun made Song Wuyou sweat profusely, yet she still continued her quest in accordance to the original host’s memories, shuttling between the roads and alleys.

She really had no idea how she would have survived in this unfamiliar new world without those memories.

As this time, she was taking shade under a tree in the public street.

Watching people rushing up and down the streets…as these people passed her by, she suddenly felt lost and out of place…


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