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Chapter 62: The Man Was Extremely Good Looking When His Lips Curved Up.                                                                        

What had been the reason behind her appearance in this era?

Was it God or the Heavens that allowed her to be reborn? Or was it pity because she had been subjected to a very early death?

Later, would she be able to return to her era in the past?

Suddenly, the wind blew. It carried the heat of summer which caressed her long hair, making it sway in a slow dance.

She held her design sketches in one hand, eyes narrowed in confusion as she looked forward.

A black Rolls-Royce roared and passed right in front of her.

Another burst of the hot breeze blew past her, leaving her hair in disarray.

“It’s so windy but so hot.” Song Wuyou could not bear this kind of hot weather.

Turning around, she headed towards the east this time.

There were many tailor’s shops in that area. If the master tailors there dared not take her commission, then she probably would do everything herself.

The body of the original host was very weak to begin with, hence it could not endure any kind of stress in the slightest.

Her body in the previous life had been very strong, therefore experiencing this feeling of weakness made her uncomfortable.

The green light on the opposite side of the street lit up, and Song Wuyou lifted her foot to cross the road.

Honk~ honk~!

At this time, the blaring honks reverberated.

The sudden loud noise startled Song Wuyou. Consequently, she looked around and a luxury sports car was speeding past her like quicksilver.

Song Wuyou was rooted to the spot. She was still in shock. Her mind went blank and she even forgot to dodge the speeding car coming her way.


Another burst of blaring honks.

Song Wuyou snapped back to her senses as she staggered backwards.

Unsteady, she twisted her leg and fell on her bum.


That sports car arrogantly sped past in front of her, not even slowing down one bit at the crossroad junction.

The carbon from the exhaust pipe blew against her face and Song Wuyou felt sand enter her eye.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and opened them again. Originally, she wanted to collect the design sketches that fell on the sidewalk.

What happened ah?

Why did her body feel so light?

Why did everything seem to be shaking?

Aiyo wey, don’t tell me I’m going to faint?

Without further ado, Song Wuyou’s legs gave out and her vision darkened as she fainted.


When Song Wuyou opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw was a silhouette of a man.

The man’ had one long leg elegantly crossed over the other as he sat on a chair next to the bed.

He wore a wine-colored shirt and white tie, paired with white pants. That colour combination vividly enhanced his well-built body.

She could only see the profile of the man’s face.

The side of the man’s face was as beautiful and as perfect as if it had been carved  with the utmost care.

High-bridged nose, long lashes, and sexy thin lips…there was nothing to complain about.

Song Wuyou tried to prop her body up.

Her subtle movements had attracted the man’s attention.

His eyes glanced over, meeting her sparkling ones. Then, a low, deep voice sounded, “You’re awake?”

“En,” Song Wuyou mumbled a reply as her eyes roamed around her unfamiliar surroundings a little warily.

“This is my house.” Noticing her wariness, the corner of his lips curved up in a smile as he assured her, “Don’t worry, it’s very safe here.”

“You’ve saved me?” Song Wuyou looked at him before throwing a question his way.

It was only at this point did she realize his pupils were not black, but a pair of mesmerizing amber.

“En.” The man was extremely good looking when his lips curved up.

A tiny frown appeared on Song Wuyou’s brows as she shot a suspicious glare at the man, “You wouldn’t be the driver that nearly ran me over, right?”

The man let out a low chuckle. The sound was pleasant to the ears, with a  magnetism that seemed to pull you in unwittingly.

“I clearly saw you fall on your own.”


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