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Chapter 63: He Has Song Jiuyue, He Doesn’t Need Me

“Wasn’t it because you were driving like a mad bull?” Song Wuyou’s voice was full of blame.

“I always comply with the traffic regulations.”

“Then I’m the one at fault here?” Song Wuyou blurted out in disbelief.

A genteel smile appeared on his face, “You’d think so?”

Song Wuyou hit her own head lightly, feeling a bit loss, “I’m really muddleheaded now.”

That sports car had sprinted away so fast. Thinking about it, how would the driver even notice that she had fallen down?

“No, you’re not muddleheaded at all. If you’re really muddleheaded, how could you create these designs?” Finished saying this, the man handed the design sketches in his hand to Song Wuyou.

His amber eyes were looking at Song Wuyou with a friendly smile, “These were designed by you, right?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “En,”

“To participate in this year’s fashion design competition?”

Song Wuyou conveyed her assent once again, “En,”

Hearing her confirmation, a light flashed across the man’s phoenix eyes, “Which company do you work for?”

Frowning, Song Wuyou looked at him in confusion.

The original host had a reputation that was not worth a single dime in M City. Furthermore, she also had the title of being Gu Yanhao’s wife. How could the man in front of her be so clueless?

“No company would be daring enough to hire me.” Song Wuyou said in a low voice.

He frowned, baffled: “Why?”

He was awed the moment his eyes had caught sight of these designs.

Such a talented person, how could there be a company that did not want her?

“Because I’m Song Wuyou.” Song Wuyou stated with a bitter smile.

“Song Wuyou….”

The man raised an eyebrow. The name sounded kind of familiar, but he could not pinpoint where or when he had seen or heard this name before.

“You must either have a record for embezzlement, or of being a corporate spy,” the man smiled. He thought these would be the only reasons no company would dare to hire her.

“What are you talking about?” Song Wuyou retorted with an insulted look, “I’m Gu Yanhao’s wife.”

Surprise flickered in the man’s amber pupils when he heard this, “You’re that Gu Yanhao’s wife?”

“You finally have an idea of who I am? In M City, who doesn’t know the notorious wife of Gu Yanhao?” Song Wuyou laughed, jeering at herself.

“I rarely pay attention to these matters,” the man explained with detachment.

“Excuse me,” Song Wuyou gave him an apologetic smile, “I forgot you’re a man and not one of those obnoxiously nosy women.”

Her smile was beautiful, making it hard for anyone to look away.

“You have an innocent smile, totally different from your reputation.”

“Who are you?” Song Wuyou asked directly.

“An Zhanggong.”

“………” Song Wuyou could not recall anything about him.

An Zhanggong saw the placid expression on Song Wuyou’s face, having not the slightest flicker of recognition after hearing his name.

The corner of his mouth curved up again as he added, “Anmei Group’s President, An Zhanggong.”

“Anmei Group……”

Song Wuyou tried her best to search her memories, and then the realization hit her. She stared at him, “You’re Anmei Group’s President, An Zhanggong?”

An Zhanggong cocked an eyebrow, looking at the woman before him. She was not shocked after finding out about his identity, her expression did indicate her surprise.

“You can choose not to believe me at this point.”

Song Wuyou quickly nodded her head in vigorous movements, “I believe, I believe!”

Her name – Song Wuyou – was in the dumps, she had no money, and even her husband did not love her. Any swindler with brains would not choose her as a target.

“Since you’re Gu Yanhao’s wife, why didn’t you enter Gu Group?” An Zhanggong asked out of curiosity.

Song Wuyou sneered at the question, “He has Song Jiuyue, he doesn’t need me.”

His lips curved up into a perfect smile, “Song Jiuyue’s designs are quite the novelty, but…..”

His eyes spared a quick glance at Song Wuyou’s designs, “Compared with only one of your designs, hers is much more inferior.”

Song Wuyou blinked prettily, looking at An Zhanggong. Finally, she has met someone who acknowledges her ability.

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