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Chapter 64: Behave, Don’t Move

“Gu Yanhao rejected your designs?” An Zhanggong inquired.

“En,” Song Wuyou nodded.

“Did you plan to submit these designs under the individual category of the competition?”


An Zhanggong pondered for a while before he spoke again, “The dress looked perfect on paper. I wonder what the actual product will look like.”

Song Wuyou revealed an exhausted look, “The actual product is not ready. I can’t find any good master tailor willing to do it.”

Again, the amber eyes gleamed, “Are you willing to come to our Anmei Group?”


By the time Song Wuyou returned to the villa from An Zhanggong’s house, it was already time for dinner.

The moment she entered, she could see Gu Yanhao sitting on the sofa going through some design sketches.

Gu Yanhao looked up, his eyes cold, interrogating, “Where did you run off to the entire day?”

Song Wuyou lied smoothly, “Looking for a job.”

Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow at her as his eyes evidently darkened.

Seconds ticked by when he finally asked, “Did you find one?”

“No.” Song Wuyou answered while changing into her house slippers.

Gu Yanhao’s gaze was still fixed on her, “Had dinner?”

“No,” finished changing into her slippers, Song Wuyou decided to go to the kitchen.

Coincidentally, his gaze caught sight of the band-aid on her hand and his eyes narrowed sharply.

His icy voice inquired, “Are you hurt?”

Song Wuyou was stunned by his question, and then she remembered the band-aid on her hand.

She replied casually, “Just some minor lacerations.”


–Dining Hall–

The dinner Xu Jing prepared for her was kept warm.

As Xu Jing placed the dishes on the table, Song Wuyou asked, “Young Master ate?”

Xu Jing nodded: “Ate.”

Better that way since, she doesn’t want to eat at the same table with him.

After a quick dinner, Song Wuyou wanted to go back to her room.

She had been running everywhere outside today, and her legs were exhausted, so she planned to have an early night.

Just as she was passing through the living room, Gu Yanhao’s domineering voice sounded, “Come here.”

Song Wuyou’s face became cold. What she hated most was this kind of domineering tone.

“Something’s the matter?” Song Wuyou asked from afar.

“Something’s the matter!” Gu Yanhao’s eyes turned icy.

Song Wuyou pursed her lips and rolled her eyes in silence.

She walked over reluctantly.

Gu Yanhao scowled as he commanded her, “Sit down.”

Song Wuyou sat opposite him, looking at him with a bewildered expression.

He has something he wanted to say to her?

Seeing she was seated, Gu Yanhao stood up and came beside her.

Without warning, a familiar scent filled her surroundings which made her shift back slightly.

Subsequently, Gu Yanhao followed her and shifted his position, one hand pressed down on her thigh: “Don’t move!”

“What do you want to do?” Song Wuyou panicked, looking at the man’s hand on her thigh, and then raising her head to look up at him in shock.

Gu Yanhao removed his hand and brought over the little First-Aid Kit on the coffee table.

Watching his actions, Song Wuyou was stunned speechless.

Don’t say he was planning to apply medicine for her?

It was exactly so.

Gu Yanhao opened the First-Aid Kit, and as he did that he explained: “Putting medicine on for you.”

Song Wuyou flatly refused, “I’ve already done that.”

There was no need to apply more. After all, she just had some light lacerations, not some serious wound.

“Behave, don’t move.” Gu Yanhao’s voice was low, deep – and somewhat sweet to the ears.

After he had the emollient ready, he raised her hand gently. His head bent down and he seriously, softly, applied medicine for her.

Song Wuyou was confounded and anxious at the same time.

Putting medicine on for her?

She suddenly recalled that, in her past life when she was injured, that heartless man also put medicine on her with the same seriousness…


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