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Chapter 65: I Can Support You

She remembered that one time, she took an arrow for him.

The velocity and power in it were alarming: It pierced through her chest and the arrowhead came out of her back.

She was wounded badly that time, she even thought she was going to die.

Because she was in disguise and the wound’s position was on her chest, he was the only one who could put on medicine for her.

At that time, she caught the distress in his eyes when he was wiping ointment onto her wound, eyes red-rimmed, holding back his tears so they would not fall.

The pain from the wound was hell, but when she saw his nearly crying face, she felt taking that arrow for him was worth it…

Song Wuyou suddenly missed the days they’d spent together during the war.
Although every second of the day was filled with danger, he of that time… in his eyes, in his heart, there was only her..

When that luxurious palace was built, feelings scattered.

The love and affection he had for her was divided amongst other women.

When that was gone, what was left behind was coldness and disregard…

Recalling these memories, Song Wuyou’s eyes suddenly became red.

Looking at Gu Yanhao’s face, she felt as if that same heartless man was right in front of her.

Seeing the glaring red lacerations on her white skin, Gu Yanhao’s heart actually felt distressed.

At first, he himself was startled at his own reaction.

Then he thought: a husband caring for his wife was something to be expected. What was he being startled for?

After cleaning the wound with disinfectant and covering it gauze and medical tape, Gu Yanhao looked up.

By chance, his eyes met Song Wuyou’s sad eyes as she was watching him.

This gaze hit him directly, like a hand gently stroking his heart.

The deepest part of his heart melted.

Gu Yanhao’s gaze deepened. Looking at her back at her, their four eyes met.

Song Wuyou’s sad eyes looked like they were veiled with a layer of mist, delicate, captivating…

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were unfathomable. Watching this Song Wuyou, it was as if his heartstrings were tugged.

All of a sudden, he had a strong impulse to gather her into his embrace…

“It’s done.” His low, magnetic voice was laced with a gentleness that even he did not notice.

“Thank you.” Song Wuyou was dazed for a moment, before quickly pulling her hand back.

Her brows furrowed slightly. Was it an illusion?

Why did she feel he was being too gentle just now?

And his gaze, totally unlike the usual him?

Song Wuyou looked at the wound on her hand.

The wound was treated well; the gauze and tape were secure and covered the wounded area well.

It felt as if there was a big hand protecting her wound.

Something flashed passed Song Wuyou’s eyes, she was not sure whether it was because Gu Yanhao looked so much like him, or if it was the original host’s residue love… for she felt a little happy that he’d applied medicine for her.

While Gu Yanhao busied himself with packing the small first aid kid, he asked, “Why did you go looking for a job suddenly?”

“I don’t want to act like a beggar every month, asking for allowance money from Song Nan.” This was one of the reasons.

Hearing this answer, Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow and thought for a moment before he spoke again, “I can afford to support you.”

Song Wuyou froze, and then looked at him with clear astonishment, “Did I hear wrong?”

Gu Yanhao’s cold gaze swept across her face, “You did not hear wrongly.”

“I remember… This is not the way you used to treat me.”

Gu Yanhao’s gaze sharpened, “Do you remember what I said, that everything depends on your performance?”

Song Wuyou was baffled, “What depends on my performance?”

Did he say that?

She cannot recall this on the spot.

Gu Yanhao shot her a cold, stern glare before he took out his wallet.

Song Wuyou watched his actions in confusion.

Seconds later, he slipped a black card from his wallet, passing it to her while saying, “Take it.”

“What for?” Song Wuyou looked at his beautiful hands and that shiny bank card.

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