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Chapter 67: This Body Is Too Weak

The smile on Song Wuyou’s face disappeared, but she was able to modulate her tone, making it sound laid-back, “I understand. You’re the ‘King’. Whether it is void or effective is determined by you.”

“I will be preparing a new agreement, so you can tear up the one in your hand.”


“Before the new divorce agreement is ready, you’re still my wife. This card, you must take.” Gu Yanhao stuffed the card into Song Wuyou’s hand high-handedly.

Song Wuyou wanted to throw the card back to him, but his large hands dwarfed her petite ones.

Her petite hands clenched into a fist, gripping the bank card in her palm.

Wrapped around her petite fist was his large, warm hand.

His hand was nice to look at, long and wide like lush willows.

A heat came from the back of her hand and traveled straight to her heart like a bullet train.

Song Wuyou looked down at where his hand held hers.

Feeling the warmth seeping from his hands into hers, complicated emotions vaguely flickered in her eyes.

Her heartbeat quickened.

Why is it like this?

He was just holding her hand. How could her heart rate accelerate just from this? Why did her heart soften?

“Fine, I understand.” Song Wuyou blinked once, making her voice as calm as she could when answering.

Taking his card doesn’t mean she has to use it.

He looked at her deeply, “You really want to work?”
“En,” Song Wuyou gave a one syllable answer.

Gu Yanhao was pensive for three seconds, “Come to Gu Group.”

At least there, the employees would not dare to bully her and make things difficult for her.

“Let’s talk later. I was out the entire day today, and I’m very tired now. I’m going up to rest.” Song Wuyou said.

If her answer surprised Gu Yanhao, he did not show it. He just looked at her deeply before gradually releasing her hand.

Pulling her hand back, Song Wuyou hurried up the stairs.

Watching her back, Gu Yanhao grew more pensive as his eyes swirled just like a bottomless lake of unknown depth, incomprehensible….

Around the corner and out of his sight, Song Wuyou stuck out her tongue mischievously and gave a sly smile: Gu Yanhao wants to be good to her now? Fine. She’ll just push everything back in his face. Humph! Humph, who told him to treat her that way in the past?!

Song Wuyou went back to her room, quickly showered, and laid on the bed.

Rubbing her temples, she let out a long breath. In her past life, she was a mighty female warrior and her body condition was excellent, but this body was too weak. Spending a day outside had greatly exhausted her, even fainting on the street…

It seems she must train her physique…

Passing by her room, Gu Yanhao noticed she did not close the door properly, and inexplicably, his feet made their way in.

Song Wuyou was already sleeping sweetly on the bed. Her sleeping manner was very…proper. Lying supine, both of her palms were actually folded on her torso.

Gu Yanhao stood at the doorway watching the woman sleeping quietly on the bed.

Perhaps she was so tired that she forgot to turn off the lights. Under the soft lighting her skin looked even more supple and smooth, while her sleeping posture made her resemble Sleeping Beauty, making it hard to shift his gaze away.

Thinking back on her attitude towards him in recent days, a frown appeared on his forehead.

Was it the car accident that woke her up, or…

Di~lala, di~lala~

At this time, in the quiet room, a naughty ringing tone sounded.

The screen of the mobile phone resting on the nightstand lit up.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes moved away from Song Wuyou’s beautiful face to the mobile with doubtful eyes: she bought a new mobile?

He walked over and his eyes swept across the bright screen. Suddenly, he had an impulse to know everything related to her.

Having this thought, his long slender fingers reached out. Picking up the mobile phone, his fingers lightly slid across the screen. The ringing tone just now came from a received text message.

Gu Yanhao tapped on the message, revealing the content:

[Have you reached home? Rest well at home. Don’t stress yourself too much, otherwise you might faint again.]

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