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Chapter 68: Young Master Gu’s Special Instruction

Reading the line of text, Gu Yanhao’s gaze instantly sharpened.

His eyes zoomed onto the woman asleep on the bed. She fainted outside today?

Underneath the light her color looked normal, quite unlike someone who was ill.

Perhaps, the other side sent the text to the wrong number?

Gu Yanhao’s eyes returned to reading the text on the mobile.

The mobile phone in his hand was one of the latest models. You couldn’t get it without shelling out at least twenty thousand. The allowance Song Nan gave Song Wuyou every month was not enough to cover her daily expenses, so where would she get twenty thousand to buy this mobile phone?

From the content of the text, it seemed as if the other side was very concerned about her? With Song Wuyou’s character and her notorious reputation, would there be anyone who would be concerned about her?

The text came from a string of numbers, with no name…Was it a male sender? An icy light flitted in Gu Yanhao’s eyes as this thought flashed through his mind.

His fingertip tapped the screen, typing a reply to the other side: [Who are you?]

At this time, An Zhanggong was relaxing in the bathtub. The bubbles in the tub were thick and foamy, the bubble jets whirling powerfully in silence, enhancing his gentle, devilish features. There seemed to be a misty veil over his deep amber pupils that added a dignified aura to him. Reading the three simple words of that direct text from ‘her’ side, intelligent An Zhangggong knew without needing to think who the actual sender was.

[I am a doctor.] The corner of An Zhanggong’s lips curved up devilishly as he sent a reply to Gu Yanhao.

Seeing the four-word reply, the feeling of someone was squeezing his heart in their palm instantly relaxed.

[Thanks for the concern. My wife is asleep now.] After sending a reply to the other side, Gu Yanhao placed the mobile phone gently back on top of the nightstand.

He stood there and watched Song Wuyou quietly.

In fact, she was not annoying at all like this, was she? Gu Yanhao adjusted her blanket, switched off the night light, and left her room.

Just as he stepped out, he saw Xu Jing standing outside the room.

Xu Jing was carrying a glass of warm milk on a tray. Seeing Gu Yanhao, she was a little nervous.

Gu Yanhao swept a look at her and his sight fell on the glass of warm milk, “She’s asleep.”


“From tomorrow onward, prepare some nutritious meals for her.”

Xu Jing nodded: “Yes.”

“Don’t go in and disturb her.” Finished with the orders, Gu Yanhao turned and left in the direction of the study.

Only then did Xu Jing dare to lift her head up, looking at his tall silhouette.

Did she imagine it just now?

Young Master Gu went into Miss’s room, and even covered her with a blanket?

Did she hear correctly?

Young Master Gu ordered her to make nutritious meals for Miss? Even warned her not to disturb her sleep?

Young Master is so…so good to Miss?

Xu Jing’s eyes were sparkling as she quietly looked at the closed door.

Miss, Young Master Gu does not find you annoying anymore!


The next morning.

Song Wuyou appeared in the dining hall very early. Today, she needed to go to Anmei Group to talk to the master tailor there about her design and the actual product.

“What is this?” She stared at a reddish porridge on the table and asked Xu Jing, a little dumbfounded.

Xu Jing was serving warm sunny side up eggs. Hearing Song Wuyou’s question, she giggled sheepishly and said, “Safflower red date porridge.”

“I don’t like the scent of safflower.” Song Wuyou sat down, taking a sniff at the porridge.

“Miss, Young Master Gu specially instructed me to make it for you.”

The spoon in her hand stopped instantly hearing this. Song Wuyou looked at Xu Jing, confused. “What did you say just now?”

The smile on Xu Jing’s face was rather enigmatic, “I said, Young Master especially instructed me to make this porridge for you.”

“……………….” Song Wuyou’s delicate brows wrinkled slightly. Gu Yanhao really had nothing better to do?

“Last night, he even covered you with a blanket.” The smile on Xu Jing’s face was very ambiguous.

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