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Chapter 72: Something Stirred the Heart.

At noon, she just ate something light and did not even take a break before getting back to her work. Everyone in Anmei Group had left for the day, but in the early evening she was still engrossed in her work. If it weren’t for the new mobile phone in her bag ringing, the diligently sewing Song Wuyou would not have noticed the time.

The mobile’s persistent ringing was like a needle pricking Song Wuyou to answer it faster. Reluctantly, Song Wuyou put down the work she was doing and took her mobile from her bag.

At first she thought it was An Zhanggong calling her. After all, this mobile phone, this number were given by him, but when she saw the caller ID showing ‘My Hubby’ (actually, the lit. is My House’s Hubby), Song Wuyou nearly jumped out of her skin.

My Hubby?

This mobile wouldn’t be a second-hand phone used by one of An Zhanggong’s women previously, right?

“Hello….?” In the end, she still answered the call after a brief hesitation.

“Where are you?” On the other side of the line, the man’s voice was colder than ice. One could not help shivering from it.

“…………” Gu Yanhao?

Again, Song Wuyou was startled.

It was not because of Gu Yanhao’s call. If Gu Yanhao wanted to know her number, with his power it was as easy as snapping his fingers. What shocked her was how her phone came to hold his saved number and why his name was saved as ‘My Hubby’?

She suddenly remembered that he read her text message last night. Was it then that he saved her number and did this? This thought gave her another surprise. At the same time, something stirred in her heart, raising some indescribable feelings within.

“I’m working.” Song Wuyou thought for a moment before answering.

“Which company?” To actually make her work overtime?

Song Wuyou doesn’t want to let him know she is at Anmei Group. Instead of answering, she asked: “Any matters?”

These two simple words made the chilly air around Gu Yanhao bone-piercingly cold.

Damned woman! Is she saying only if he had matters that he can call her?

“We’re having dinner together!”

She did not come back at noon, making him lose all of his appetite, and he has yet to have dinner. He was hungry!

“…………” This overbearing, commanding tone that doesn’t allow for refusal really makes one unhappy.

Song Wuyou only had something light for lunch, and she hasn’t eaten anything for dinner yet. Thinking of food at this moment, her stomach rumbled loudly. Recalling the nearest hotel close to Anmei Group, she told Gu Yanhao that address.

Forty minutes later…

In the western restaurant on the second floor of Golden Brocade Luxury Hotel, Song Wuyou moved her hands, cutting the steak. Her actions cannot be considered boorish. In fact, she maintained a degree of elegance. But… it was not deft enough to cut the steak, making her look clumsy in a cute way. Not to mention, during the day while embroidering, her fingers were poked with the needles several times. Now, using them to hold the fork and knife, tingling pain run down her fingers when the wounds touched….

This steak is tough and not tasty at all!

Song Wuyou put a piece into her mouth and frowned after chewing it a few times, somewhat disdainfully. It tasted worse than directly grilling it over the fire.

Gu Yanhao sat across from her, cutting the steak on his plate agilely as he watched her. Watching her clumsy actions, he felt her like this was somehow so cute that his lips could not stop themselves from curving up.

Noticing the slight contempt in her expression as she chewed on the steak, his deep husky voice softened, “Not tasty?”

“It’s tough and not delicious.” It was so hard to chew.

Gu Yanhao’s actions slowed, “Since it’s not good, we’ll go somewhere else.”

“No need,” Song Wuyou declined, “Though it isn’t delicious, it is still edible.”

She was feeling tired, she wanted to finish off the dinner quickly so she could go home and rest.

“Little fool, you don’t even know how to cut your steak.” Gu Yanhao commented. Then, he exchanged his plate of nicely cut steak with Song Wuyou’s plate.

“………………..” Song Wuyou had a stunned expression on her face watching him.

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