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Chapter 73: Young Master Gu Distress for Miss Song?

“What are young doing?” she asked.

“You don’t know how to cut it, right?” Gu Yanhao looked at her with a slight smile.

Song Wuyou looked at the beautifully cut pieces of steak on the plate and something stirred for a second in her heart.

“I remember that you would never eat outside with me, not to mention doing something like cutting steak for me.” His sudden kindness towards her now raised all kinds of unwanted feelings and alarm in her heart.

Gu Yanhao’s actions paused abruptly, his gaze profound as he looked at Song Wuyou. Song Wuyou’s gaze met his directly, unabashed.

“Young Master Gu, if I returned to who I used to be, would you still bring me out to dinner?” she inquired.

Gu Yanhao did not look away, “Do you like your current self or the one before?”

Song Wuyou was taken aback for she doesn’t have a favorable impression of the original host, but that was only towards her personality. The original pestered him, yes, and all of it was to get his attention.

The original host loved him, there was no fault in that…

“I’ve never disliked myself.” Song Wuyou revealed a smile. Hearing this, Gu Yanhao’s gaze deepened unnoticeably.

Song Wuyou did not want to discuss in depth matters about feelings and love with him, therefore she changed the topic. She used her chin to indicate the plate of steak in front of him saying, “Cut it quickly, I’m hungry.”

A light flashed in Gu Yanhao’s eyes as they swept over the already cut plate of steak in front of her, “Didn’t I cut the steak in front of you? Don’t you know how to eat?”

“But I ate from the one in front of you.”

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved up a little, “It’s alright.”

“…………” Song Wuyou was dazed for a moment by his answer.

The original host’s memories told her that he was a clean-freak, someone that places hygiene at the top of the list. He is okay eating her saliva?

Seeing that she was still in a daze instead of eating, Gu Yanhao urged her, “Why aren’t you eating? Didn’t you say you were hungry?” When he finished saying that, he placed a piece of steak into his mouth, looking at Song Wuyou as he chewed.

That pair of elongated phoenix eyes lured with a charming light, causing Song Wuyou’s heartbeat to quicken, and she quickly dropped her gaze.

Song Wuyou went through dinner in a daze. While avoiding the penetrating gaze directed at her the entire night, she really could not taste the food she was eating.

“You still haven’t told me which company you’re working for?” In fact, Gu Yanhao was waiting for her to tell him herself, but she did not.

He noticed the red puncture marks and purple bruises on her fingers. His brows creased slightly, “Embroidery work?”

Song Wuyou blanked once again; does making dresses count as embroidery work?

She nodded, “En.”

“Embroidery work is a low-level job that doesn’t pay much.” Gu Yanhao said coldly. This damn woman, must she torture herself like this?

“It will rise in the future.” Son Wuyou replied with nonchalance.

“What kind of embroidery work? Tell me the name of that company!” To actually dare to allow his wife to do such menial labor! At the very least she should have been a permanent member of the office staff.

Song Wuyou raised her head, flashing him a smile, “What’s wrong? Do you feel distressed?”

Meeting her meaningful smile, Gu Yanhao’s coldness converged somewhat.

“Don’t ask. I will not tell you which company I’m working at.” Pausing for a moment, Song Wuyou added, “I don’t like you interfering in my job.’

Gu Yanhao let out a cold sneer hearing those words. Even warning him not to interfere in her matters? In the past, she loved to show off in front of him, hoping to get a word of praise out of him, but now, everything that she does was kept a secret from him.

In the beginning, he was really angry when she did not return for lunch in the afternoon but, not knowing why, when he saw the wounds on her fingers his anger dissipated. Not only that, there were even feelings of…heartache.

Her health wasn’t in the best condition to begin with, and in the past, because of him, they always argued and she always ended up crying, leaving obvious signs of tiredness on her face.

Even then, he had never felt his heart aching for her like this.

Gu Yanhao frowned involuntarily; what is wrong with him?

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