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Chapter 74: It’s All Your Fault He Fell For Song Wuyou!

Feeling distressed about a woman, feeling concerned about a woman, these really made one feel uncomfortable and awkward.

“Eat quickly.” Gu Yanhao said, obscuring the pensiveness swirling in his bottomless eyes.

After dinner, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou left the restaurant. As they were walking out the hotel lobby, the sharp-eyed Song Jiumei that was having dinner with Song Jiuyue caught sight of them instantly. Her eyes widened in shock as her hands hit the tabletop repeatedly while calling out in an urgent voice, “Dajie, quick, look! Isn’t that Young Master Gu and Song Wuyou?”

Song Jiuyue immediately turned her body around to look.

Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao walked out of the hotel, one at the front, and one at the back. Song Jiuyue’s face turned ugly. They came for dinner?

Gu Yanhao had dinner together with Song Wuyou?

Many complicated thoughts rushed through Song Jiuyue’s mind, for Young Master Gu had never brought Song Wuyou out for dinner, ever.

“Song Wuyou that slut!” Song Jiumei stared venomously at Song Wuyou’s figure.

“……….” There was an indescribable feeling rearing its head in Song Jiuyue’s heart.

She felt a little apprehensive, and fear akin to having her most valuable thing being snatched away by the person she hates most, knowing it would never return to her hands again.

Of course, there was also hate…

“Without her heavy makeup and slutty clothes, that slut looks quite presentable.” Song Jiumei fumed.

Why is it that neither she nor Song Jiuyue had the genes for that beautiful face or that slender curvaceous figure?

“Eat!” Song Jiuyue turned back, glaring at Song Jiumei.

Song Jiumei already could see Song Jiuyue’s mood had turned bad. Pursing her lips, she muttered under her breath, “I didn’t snatch away your man, what are you glaring at me for?”

“It’s all your fault that Young Master Gu likes Song Wuyou!” Song Jiuyue remembered her sister’s failed attempt at drugging Song Wuyou and gnashed her teeth angrily.

Song Jiumei felt extremely wronged, “How is it my fault? I hate that slut more than you do.”

“If Young Master Gu really falls for Song Wuyou, it would be because he slept with her the last time.”

“………….” Song Jiumei was stunned, and then she looked guiltily at Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue’s gaze grew cold and stern, “What if Song Wuyou has the means to keep Young Master Gu returning for more?”

“How is that possible?!” Song Jiumei’s reaction borderlined exaggeration. “Didn’t she also drug Young Master Gu herself before that, even becoming pregnant? Young Master Gu forced her to have an abortion.”

If he really desired her, why would he act so cruel, forcing her to abort their baby?

“What do you know?!” Song Jiuyue snapped at Song Jiumei, “Young Master Gu cared a lot for that baby, but Song Wuyou – that slut – actually took aphrodisiac beforehand, and she was drinking a lot of alcohol. The doctor already said the baby very likely will be deformed. It was only because of that Young Master Gu forced her to abort the baby.”

“Young Master Gu told you this?” Song Jiumei had shock and disbelief written all over her face.

Song Jiuyue laughed ironically, “Why would he tell me all these things? It was the family physician that let them slipped unintentionally.”

“Luckily that baby is lost.” Otherwise, the slim ray of attention Gu Yanhao might put on her will all be robbed by that child and that slut.

Song Jiuyue was indeed worried, “The last baby has gone, but it doesn’t mean the next one will be gone as well.”

Song Jiumei was taken aback, “Dajie, you mean….”

Song Jiuyue shot Song Jiumei a blaming look, and spat through gritted teeth, “Look at the good work you’ve done!”


After a week of rushing, Song Wuyou finally completed her actual dress for the competition!

Observing the dress being worn by the model, even the usually cool as cucumber An Zhanggong revealed a hard to describe feeling.

He stood in front of the model with shining eyes as he looked at the dress Song Wuyou made.




A masterpiece of an era!

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