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Chapter 76: Saw an Immortal Fairy on Earth

Watching the endless flashes of cameras and mobile phones lifted up to record the scene, her face exhibited an arrogant laugh of victory.

The moment her creations appeared on stage they blew the crowd away, which firmly cemented her belief that the champion this year would be none other than herself. There was a high chance that her designs would even wrap up all three podium spots.

Leaning into the chair, light flitted past Gu Yanhao’s deep eyes. The expression on his face made it evident that he was very satisfied with the appearance of the Gu Group’s designs on the stage.

Song Jiumei’s eyes were scanning the surroundings. Noticing the enthusiastic reactions when Song Jiuyue’s designs appeared, she retrieved her gaze and leaned over. In a complacent tone, she reported, “Dajie, the champion this year is none other than you!”

Song Jiuyue’s mouth curved into a smile, unable to tear her gaze away from the five models on stage wearing her creations. All the while, a confident and chic smile hung on her face. Her black eyes glistened bright and clear, flashing like crystals beneath the lighting. She had one hundred percent confidence in her designs, and listening to Song Jiumei’s words made her feel even prouder.

Song Jiumei’s glance swept past Gu Yanhao who was sitting in the row in front of them. She whispered to Song Jiuyue in a strange tone, “After your designs win the championship this year, it will be the third year in a row you have won the prize for Young Master Gu, so he will surely be grateful to you!”

“Of course, was there a need to point out something so obvious?” Song Jiuyue threw Song Jiumei a condescending look.

In the past, every time after she won, Gu Yanhao would invite her for dinner alone. To be able to have dinner alone with him, what an honor that is!

She remembered when her design won last year, Gu Yanhao invited her to dinner after the event ended. Halfway through dinner, Song Wuyou suddenly appeared, pointing a finger at her and accusing her of being a vamp and stealing other people’s husbands… Until this very day, Song Jiuyue remembered clearly Song Wuyou’s distorted face as she scolded her while pointing a finger at her face, as well as Gu Yanhao’s disgusted expression as he looked at Song Wuyou.

“Dajie, you absolutely must seize the chance this time.” Song Jiumei whispered softly into Song Jiuyue’s ear.

Song Jiuyue watched the models on the stage without missing a beat: “I will.”

“Once the competition is over, you quickly go and invite Young Master Gu for a celebration dinner. After raw rice is cooked [1], at that time, Young Master Gu will have no choice but divorce Song Wuyou.”

Song Jiuyue’s eyes sparkled hearing this hatched plan. Inwardly, anticipation bubbled.

After the designs from Gu Group were done, the models made their way off the stage at the one end, and from the other end came the design from another company.

The model wore a sea blue dress, and the moment she walked out, the audience was awed.

Song Jiuyue’s face tightened nervously when she saw the dress.

The model currently on the stage walked differently than any models they have seen so far. Each step was slow, yet it did not diminish her elegance. Her hands were folded, gently placed in front of her.

Embroidered on the cuffs of her sleeves were soft blue peonies, with silver threads forming clouds that danced around the flowers. White clouds played above the blue sea with a broad strip of yellow brocade wrapping over from her chest to her waist. As she moved gently, the blue clouds on her skirt spread out, appearing extremely life-like as they floated apart. Her waterfall of thick black hair fell to her slender, supple waist, and the top of her hair was decorated with a phoenix-shaped jade hairpin. A soft white veil concealed her face, revealing only her smooth rounded forehead and a pair of clear bright eyes. Each move emphasized her curves, highlighting the well-tailored waist on her dress with a flow of silken fabric…

Everyone watching seemed to be holding their breath, wide eyes showed shocked as they stared dumbly at the model. Watching her, they had a feeling of having seen an immortal fairy descended from heavens.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes instantly deepened seeing this model. Like a sharp sword as they followed her every move.

Dressed in blue, exuding graceful charm in every pose, yet she maintained a noble and dignified bearing as she moved, always maintaining that noble elegance that ran deep in her bones.

[1] When raw rice is cooked- too late to do anything/what’s done is done.

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