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Chapter 78: Competition Result (2)

The emcee paused deliberately while the audience held their breath in suspense. The huge venue was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

“Design No. 59!”

The emcee’s announcement was followed by a few seconds of delayed reaction before thunderous applause filled the venue.

“Why is it the second runner-up and not the champion?” Song Jiumei blurted out with a look of shock and disbelief on her face. She was clearly having difficulty accepting the fact of the result. They had full confidence to take first place, but now, not even a runner-up? They were the second runner-up?! Song Jiuyue had been in a bad mood ever since that model came out, and now jolted by Song Jiumei’s loud voice, the words struck a chord. Pain coursed through her heart and she trembled slightly.

Yes ah, why is it like this?

She exerted a lot of effort on the designs for this competition; she even thought her five designs would be sweeping all three prizes. However, the result was one prize only – and it was the second runner-up at that! She, who had always been prideful of her designs, could not accept this result.

An Zhanggong who was seated in the row in front of them heard Song Jiumei’s shrill shriek. He glanced at her and then his gaze quickly swept over Song Jiuyue’s face. Noticing the paleness on her face, as if she had taken a huge blow, his mouth arched faintly in a cold sneer. So, design No. 59 was her creation…

“Next we’ll announce the first runner-up. Who do you think the runner-up will be?” The emcee on the stage once again fanned the audience’s appetite. The bright spotlight shifted back and forth between the two remaining models on the stage, No. 78 and No. 101. Gu Yanhao pursed his thin lips and his deep eyes never left model No.78.

“The runner-up is…”

“No. 101!”


Another burst of cheers and applause came from below the stage. After announcing the first runner-up, only model No.78 remained on the stage. It was clear as day to everyone who the champion was.

“All of you are very smart. I just announced the first runner-up and everyone has guessed who the first place winner is!” Detecting the excitement coming from the crowd, the emcee raised her voice higher, “You’re spot on. The champion is−No. 78!”

A wave of deafening cheers came from all around the stage, and the applause seemed never ending! From the moment No.78 appeared, they already knew that it would be the champion. The dress and the styling of the model were the very essence of dignified elegance. They believed that soon, another ‘Queen’ of the designer world would emerge.

Somehow, after hearing this result, Gu Yanhao inexplicably breathed out in relief, and An Zhanggong next to him revealed a faint, warm and gentle smile, as if this result was within his expectations long before the competition even began.

Gu Yanhao looked over and caught the slight arch on An Zhanggong’s lip, and his eyebrows rose up.

Could No.78 be… Anmei Group’s design entry?

But that silhouette, without a doubt….


After the results were announced, the prize-giving ceremony ensued, revealing the details of each designer.

When it was No.78’s turn, the emcee asked sweetly which company she represented. No. 78 answered: she submitted the entry under her own name, representing herself.

The crowd broke out in an uproar at her answer. The model was the designer and the designer was the model!

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed; this model’s voice…

Emcee: “After winning the competition, there must be a lot of companies competing to have the sales rights for your design. Do you have any idea or plans regarding which company you want to cooperate with?”

No. 78: “I’ve not thought about it.” Because she doesn’t need to think about it.

Emcee: “Will you be considering M City’s two most prominent companies, Gu Group and Anmei Group?”

No.78: “No.”

Emcee: So direct and cold…

“Why are you wearing a veil? Would you mind taking off the veil and show everyone how you look like?”

No.78: “My looks cannot bring down a city, thus I would like to retain a shred of dignity.”

Emcee: My looks are also not to the standard of ‘bringing down a city’ ah. But when the emcee asked No.78 about her inspiration for her creation, she chose not to answer, and the emcee astutely did not pursue the subject.

After the prize giving ceremony ended, the model exited the stage and Gu Yanhao stood up, using the fastest speed to reach backstage.

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