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Chapter 79: Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

Not long after Gu Yanhao got up, An Zhanggong rose from his seat too. The exciting program on the stage held no interest for him.

Song Jiumei watched dazedly as the two main characters exited the venue, asking of no one in particular: “Both of them are gone. Did they go after No.78?”

Song Jiuyue: “………..”

Song Jiumei: “Dajie, why does that woman’s voice sound so similar to Song Wuyou’s?”

Song Jiuyue sat there akin to a soulless body after that huge blow of not becoming champion in this year’s competition. Despite that, when she heard Song Jiumei’s words, she sneered with disdain, “Does that woman have that kind of talent?”


When Gu Yanhao broke into the backstage area, the models were changing and taking off their makeup. Seeing Gu Yanhao’s sudden appearance, each of them blushed red yet hoped to catch his attention. The gazes they sent in his directions were shy and alluring.

The five Gu Group models assumed that their President came looking for them, thus all five of them quickly surrounded Gu Yanhao.



Gu Yanhao stood in an ocean of women as his sharp eyes scanned the backstage area like an eagle.

Where is she?

“President, are you looking for someone?” one of the models inquired, noticing his expression.

“Where’s No.78?” Gu Yanhao glanced at each closed dressing room door.

The models blanked for a moment at his question. Another model answered, “I don’t think I’ve seen her; she didn’t return here to change.”

His face sank upon hearing that. Turning around, Gu Yanhao left the backstage area in large strides without uttering a word. This action broke the hearts of the hopeful models as they watched Gu Yanhao’s back while mentally shaking their heads in regret.

“I thought President was going to treat us to a meal.”

“Me too ah. I thought he would take us out to celebrate.”

“President must be very disappointed. After all, Miss Song assured him confidently that she would win the champion’s place. Who knew she’d only win third place?”

“Anmei Group had always been competing with Gu Group. This time Anmei Group actually won second place, a better result than Gu Group. Why would he be in the mood to bring us out for a celebration?”

“That’s right. Miss Song probably won’t get invited to dinner either.”

“Hurry up and change, after that we can go out to celebrate ourselves.”


Gu Yanhao returned to the auditorium when he could not find No.78 in the backstage area, and went outside the exhibition venue when he could not spot her there either. The moment he walked out of the venue, his hand dialed Song Wuyou’s number. It rang but the other side did not pick it up. Ah De quickly walked up to him, asking “Young Master, are you going back?”

There was an icy annoyance on Gu Yanhao’s face as he barked, “Go back!”

Ah De: “Yes, I’ll bring the car now.”


At the same time, the woman Gu Yanhao was searching up and down for was sitting in the back of An Zhanggong’s Rolls Royce. She had rushed down to the first level basement parking the moment she left the stage where An Zhanggong’s car and chauffeur has been waiting.

At first, she planned to remove the veil on her face in public, to let the world know she is Song Wuyou, but she’d thought better of it. Although she dearly wished to change everyone’s opinion of her, she doesn’t wish to have the spotlight on her so abruptly and at such a high-profile event. It will attract unwanted troubles. Relying on An Zhanggong’s help, it would be hard for people to check out her information.

Sitting in the car, she removed the veil on her face. An Zhanggong instructed the driver to put up the car’s partition so Song Wuyou could change her clothes, and after she finished changing, the partition was let down again.

An Zhanggong looked back from where he sat in the passenger seat in the front, his pair of phoenix-shaped amber eyes questioning her, “Go home or dinner?”

“Go home.”


Gu Yanhao rushed back to the villa.

The instant he entered he saw Song Wuyou sitting on the sofa in the living room, drinking green tea that Xu Jing made for her. Gu Yanhao’s footsteps paused upon seeing her and he came to a complete stop. There was a questioning look in his eyes as he stared at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou looked up at him, smiling as she asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

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