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Chapter 80: I Have Always Been Proud and Arrogant

Gu Yanhao walked towards her, the look in his eyes becoming more profound, as if they could bore through Song Wuyou’s face into her mind. The degree of his penetrating stare made Song Wuyou’s scalp tingle. She put down her cup. Raising her bright and clear eyes, and looked straight back at Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao’s fingers pinched her chin lightly, his low voice exuding certainty as he exclaimed, “It was you!”

Song Wuyou feigned innocence, “What was me?”

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow rose to his forehead, “Song Wuyou, you can stop with the acting!”

Song Wuyou gave him a charming smile, “I really do like acting.”

“The No.78 model in the fashion competition today was you!” Gu Yanhao was very sure.

The silent Xu Jing standing close by was shocked! Even her eyeballs looked like they were about to fall out as she gaped at her Miss. She had been watching the show live on television earlier. That No.78 was like a fairy. How could it be Miss? Xu Jing’s gaze furtively shifted towards a package nearby… Could it be that inside this bag is that gorgeous dress?

“So what if it was me?” Song Wuyou moved his hand away. So hateful, pinching her chin as he liked.

A beam of surprise flickered in Gu Yanhao’s eyes, “You designed that dress?” Such a wonderful piece… forget about a professional designer, even a top class designer might not be able to design it so perfectly. The hairstyle, accessories, and shoes complimented the overall look, and from the moment she appeared he knew the champion first place would be none other than her.

“If I say no, will you believe?” Song Wuyou smiled nonchalantly.

Gu Yanhao scrutinized her in detail as his hand reached out to the bag on the side. Song Wuyou glanced at the bag but she did not stop him. Opening the bag, Gu Yanhao looked inside – and yes, it was that very same dress. Even the accessories and shoes were inside.

“Song Wuyou,” Gu Yanhao questioned as he smiled coldly, “When did you start learning design?”

Song Wuyou replied with a casual tone to her voice, “Design relies on inspiration. When inspiration comes, I know. No need to learn.”

“What an arrogant boastful tone.”

“I have always been proud and arrogant. Young Master Gu already knew this very well.”

Gu Yanhao put the bag down and his hand once again pinched Song Wuyou’s chin. With a smile that had no temperature he asked, “Who are you really?”

Xu Jing was flabbergasted; what kind of question and timing is this?

Song Wuyou looked into Gu Yanhao’s eyes calmly, “I am the arrogant Song Wuyou, Song Nan’s wild bastard daughter, the wife you loath.”

“You are like…two totally different people compared to before.”

Song Wuyou laughed, “The way you treat me now compared to before…is also different?”

Gu Yanhao’s lips arched into a smile, “You have successfully made me see you in another light.”

“Thank you.”

Gu Yanhao released his hand from Song Wuyou’s chin and took a seat lazily on the other side of the sofa. One long leg crossed over the other, and his lips curved up at a delicious degree, “Why didn’t you pick a company to sell the rights to the design?” This way, she could earn a lot of money.

Song Wuyou arranged her hair that reached her front curves and replied in a light tone, “I haven’t thought about it, and don’t want to think about it. The reason I entered the competition is because I didn’t want Song Jiuyue winning first place.”


Song Wuyou sent him a charming smile, “Because of me Gu Group lost out on first place. Don’t you hate me?”

“Boring question.”

Song Wuyou blinked her pretty eyes; what is boring?

Gu Yanhao looked at her, “Excluding you, Gu Group still wouldn’t have been able to win first place.” Gu Group had taken the second runner-up spot, whereas Anmei Group took the first runner-up spot. If Song Wuyou hadn’t appeared, the champion would have been Anmei Group.

Still looking at Gu Yanhao, she said, “No matter what, Gu Group did win something, so the designer contributed greatly. Shouldn’t you be out accompanying Song Jiuyue celebrating her win at this moment?”

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