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Chapter 82: Bringing Song Wuyou Wherever

Gu Yanhao bringing Song Wuyou along truly surprised Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei.

In the past, Gu Yanhao never travelled anywhere with Song Wuyou, nor would he have brought her along to the company’s reception. These days it felt like he took Song Wuyou everywhere he went. The last time was dinner at the hotel; now they’re together again at the pasture ranch.

Song Jiuyue had no appetite at all in such circumstances. Unable to win the champion’s prize already had her mood at rock bottom, and now with Song Wuyou’s presence, her mood was even worse.

Obviously everything smelled delicious. The tantalizing aromas teased the senses, but when she bit into the food it tasted bland.

From time to time, Song Jiumei would shoot Song Wuyou a resentful look that screamed: Slut!

Song Wuyou could be said to be an expert in reading a woman’s emotions: one resentment, and the other hate. It was clear as day in her eyes.

Gu Yanhao, who was sitting next to Song Wuyou said, “Take it,” as he passed her a well-cooked skewer of lamb. Song Wuyou shot him a look before laughing magnanimously as she took the skewer of meat and bit into it. Her laughter was exceptionally bright in the dark night, just like the brightest star in the sky above.

Gu Yanhao sat in a daze while watching her, and Mu Gu’s line of sight was attracted to the same beautiful face.

Seeing Gu Yanhao personally grill food for Song Wuyou, her heart ached.

Since when did Gu Yanhao treat Song Wuyou so nicely?

Dajie, your meat is burned!” Song Jiumei exclaimed when she smelled something burning. Looking for the source she saw that it was Song Jiuyue’s charred meat.

Quickly retrieving her gaze away from Song Wuyou, she looked at the meat she was holding. Yes, indeed, it was burned black.

“I’m not good at barbecuing.” She stated, a little embarrassed.

Gu Yanhao spared a glance in her direction before looking down again, concentrating on the lamb skewers in front of him.

He remembered Song Wuyou likes to eat lamb skewers.

Once, she bought a bunch of lamb skewers back to the villa and ate everything alone. Watching her watching television as she munched on them, thinking back…. it did look quite cute.

“Not good? Come, I’ll give you a hand.” Mu Gu was the hero that came to rescue the damsel in distress.

“Thank you.” Song Jiuyue made an effort to squeeze out a somewhat decent smile. In fact, her heart was nearly in pieces. She was hoping that Gu Yanhao would offer to help her.

Mu Gu held a lamb skewer in one hand, and a fish in the other. The way he did it had the appeal of a professional barbecuer, but before he could get Song Jiuyue’s lamb skewers done, Gu Yanhao had finished with his.

Song Jiuyue looked at him, vaguely hoping he would remember her presence, but he gave everything to Song Wuyou instead.

“Take them, eat slowly.” Gu Yanhao said as he passed the ready ones to Song Wuyou and taking the ones she was grilling herself: “Give them to me.”

“Aren’t you eating?” Song Wuyou was puzzled as she looked at him.

His low voice sounded, “I’ll wait till you’re finished, then I will eat.”

Hence, Song Wuyou deliberately claimed, “My appetite is very big. I need to eat a lot.”

His mouth curved up unknowingly, “Eat as much as you like, the cattle and lamb here are enough to feed you for a lifetime.”

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to finish them in your lifetime.” Mu Gu cuts in. He raised a lot of cattle and lambs on the ranch…a lot.

Watching Gu Yanhao’s affection towards Song Wuyou, Song Jiuyue’s heart felt like someone was squeezing her heart in their hand. The feeling of suffocation and pain was hard to describe. Still…she endured these inner laments,  displaying a smile that she thought was elegant the entire night.

After all, the two of them were still legally husband and wife. She cannot show her jealousy while watching their good relations in public, right?

Not to mention, Mu Gu was here too.

“It’s done, Jiuyue, give you.” Mu Gu gave the grilled lamb skewers to Song Jiuyue.

Receiving them, Song Jiuyue said  in a gentle tone: “Thanks.”

Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes went crescent-shaped as he smiled, “You’re welcome.”

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