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Chapter 83: SWY Could Not Help Blushing, Heart Rate Accelerated

Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes went crescent-shaped as he smiled, “You’re welcome. Jiuyue, your talent in design impresses me more and more. The creations time this truly made my eyes light up.”

Song Jiuyue kept her composure, answering, “You’re praising me too much, it was just the third place.”

Her mood was already bad because of this. On top of that was Gu Yanhao’s public display of affection towards Song Wuyou, making her mood spiral downwards even more. The smile on her face was about to crack.

Mu Gu added: “There were over a thousand entries. That you achieved third place is really amazing.”

“The person who won first place is the amazing one.” Song Jiuyue continued to be modest.

“You have been champion two years in a row, so take it as making way for someone else. You can snatch it back next year.”

“That’s right ah. Dajie, don’t lose heart.” Song Jiumei continued, “There is a scarce number of women with your skills and talents. Don’t dwell on this and be sad that you didn’t win this year. A third place is much better than those people that don’t have any achievements at all.” Song Jiumei directed a look at Song Wuyou as she said this.

“Ah Hao, do you know who the champion is?” Mu Gu asked Gu Yanhao, “On television, the champion’s dress looked truly beautiful. I want to ask that person to make a dress for Mu Xin.”

Gu Yanhao gave Song Wuyou a glance from the corner of his eye, “I don’t know.”

Song Wuyou’s lashes fluttered and she looked back at him. Gazes collided, and when she saw the gentleness in his obsidian black eyes, she was dumbfounded. Song Wuyou frowned. Was she mistaken?

Mu Gu was disappointed, “I thought you would know. I tried searching for that person’s contact information but I could not find anything, it is hidden too well.”

Song Wuyou looked at Mu Gu thinking; Of course it is hidden well. An Zhanggong makes quite an effort covering her tracks for her.

After Gu Yanhao found out, he also erased some of the clues.

“I remember that next month is Mu Xin’s birthday. You want to give her a dress as a present?” Song Jiuyue asked.

Mu Gu nodded, “En.”

Song Jiuyue smiled, “How about I design one for her?”

Mu Gu’s eyes lit up hearing her offer, “Can you do the same style as that champion’s dress?”

Song Jiuyue: “Not in total, but roughly the same is not a problem.”

Mu Gu: “That’s great! Ever since she saw the live broadcast she has been pestering me for it.”

“Mu Xin is your meimei?” Song Wuyou asked.

Mu Gu nodded, “En, a sister that’s as important as my life.” His most beloved sister in this life.

Song Wuyou blinked her eyes, “Why isn’t she here?”

“She’s studying at university.” The one answering her was Gu Yanhao.

“Oh……” Song Wuyou nodded, thinking of something.


She ate meat and drank milk horse wine, Song Wuyou was one content woman.

It was when they returned to the chalet to rest that Song Wuyou was troubled. She was to share the same room with Gu Yanhao tonight. The two-level chalet actually does have extra guest rooms, however, this was not Gu Yanhao’s villa. If Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei found out that the two of them usually sleep separately, their thoughts would definitely run wild.

Furthermore, Gu Yanhao insisted on being in the same room as her. At first, she did not think too much about it, but now, having to face it…she finally felt how uncomfortable it was!

Gu Yanhao walked out of the bathroom after a shower with his upper body naked and a simple white towel wrapped around his waist. Firm chest, the outline of sexy sculpted muscles, and those long lean legs make people blush…

Every part of him of was a delicious temptation.

The medium-sized room was filled with his fresh scent. Looking at his bare naked form except for that piece of white towel, Song Wuyou could not stop herself from blushing as her heart rate accelerated.

She was sitting on the bed when he walked in, and she quickly shifted her eyes away, refusing to look at him.

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