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Chapter 87: Don’t Fiddle

Once again, something tugged at the depths of Song Wuyou’s heartstrings. Her cheeks were apple red, heartbeat skipping half a beat, flustered…

What’s going on? Didn’t she swear she would not fall for him? Why did her heart refuse to cooperate when faced with his deep dark eyes and gentle voice? Why, when hearing his words of concern, did she feel moved?

“I’m very tired, I want to sleep.”

Since she can’t make heads or tails of these emotions, she would steadfastly ignore them. She turned her body around with her back towards Gu Yanhao. Watching her actions, Gu Yanhao smiled in the dim light, painting a resplendent picture as his black obsidian eyes reflected the soft light.

He smiled meaningfully and one muscular arm reached out, cuddling Song Wuyou against his broad chest. Song Wuyou’s petite back stuck to his firm chest, leaving her reeling from his body temperature and heartbeat. When he exhaled, warm air brushed lightly against her neck and shoulder, making her ticklish and leaving her heart spiralling in a warm atmosphere. All of this made her…really uncomfortable! But the man behind her held her firmly, not allowing her to move away.

With a beauty in his embrace, every breath he took in was filled with her scent. Gu Yanhao was also very uncomfortable. This kind of uncomfortable made his body heat rise further. Obviously, he was ‘suffering’ too—yet he was asking for this torment. The harder he had to endure, the tighter he held the woman in his embrace.

Gradually, Song Wuyou felt something hard poking her back. At first she thought it was his knee or something. However, as the temperature got increasingly higher, only then did it dawn on Song Wuyou that his ‘buddy’ was taking advantage of her. Realizing ‘he’ had reacted, Song Wuyou dared not move an inch, even her breathing was controlled to a minimum. For men at this moment, the more you move your body, the more it becomes like pouring gasoline on a fire; it only serves to increase the impulse. Although, she felt extremely uncomfortable, if she doesn’t want to be ‘eaten’ by him, it would do her well if she behaved and didn’t move recklessly.

Song Wuyou remained still, but Gu Yanhao could not.

The arm he had wrapped around her started to roam dishonestly. His lips and teeth nibbled on her earlobe with alternating pressure, and her earlobes were Song Wuyou’s most sensitive spot. Having her earlobe teased made Song Wuyou go weak~~

“Gu Yanhao, don’t fiddle!” Song Wuyou suppressed a hard to describe feeling, and issued a cold warning to Gu Yanhao, “If you move recklessly, I will not be polite!”

Although Gu Yanhao did not touch her physically, his imagination had flipped heaven and earth over. Hearing Song Wuyou’s cold words, he asked with a tinge of bloodlust, “How impolite will you be?”

And he zoomed in for a kiss on the nape of her neck.

Song Wuyou clearly felt his lips: thin, soft, and a little bit cold… His kiss made her frowned in displeasure. She shifted her shoulders to shoo him away, “Didn’t you just say you cannot touch me now?”

“I won’t touch you, just let me release myself a little.” The man’s voice grew deeper and hoarse.

“You don’t call this ‘touch’?” Song Wuyou raged.

He’s already touching and kissing, what is this called then?! Just touching and not ‘eating’, how’s he going to get relief? This man’s excuses have so many facets….

“You can’t even let me kiss you?”

See?! What kind of tone was this, as if all this was her fault?

“I can’t!” Song Wuyou rebuffed him. The stiff thing poking her back felt horrible, so she moved.

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