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Chapter 90: Let’s Have a Bet Between Us

Song Jiuyue looked at Song Wuyou as she spoke with heavy disdain.

Song Wuyou continued walking forward while replying, “Since all of you changed, I might as well change too.” Actually, even without changing into riding gear, she could still ride.

Song Jiumei snorted as she looked in contempt at Song Wuyou. The Song Family having such a daughter is really a disgrace. This was not the way to show off even if you like to show off.

Song Wuyou swept a cold glance across Song Jiumei’s face thinking: boring woman!

Song Jiuyue noticed her cool demeanor and her eyes turned chilly as suddenly she had a flashback of the conversation between Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao last night.

“Song Wuyou, you changed into riding gear because we did. Later, when we ride, are you going to ride as well?” Song Jiuyue’s words were laced with cynical innuendo.

Song Wuyou stuck her chin out, “What, I can’t?”

“Do you even know how to ride a horse? Be careful you don’t get thrown off and die,” Song Jiuyue sneered sarcastically. Deep inside, she does wish for this convenient ending.

“Who said I will die if I don’t know how to ride a horse? My husband knows, so it’s enough.” Song Wuyou blinked her eyes innocently but the complacent tone was unmistakable.

“Shameless!” Song Jiumei exclaimed aloud.

Song Wuyou looked at her, bewildered, “My husband really does know how to ride. What’s shameless in saying that?”

“So disgusting. Husband this, husband that every time you open your mouth!”

Holding in her laughter, Song Wuyou had a confused expression on her face, “It is nauseating? But Gu Yanhao is really my husband ah.”

Song Jiuyue could have shot ice daggers through her eyes. Seeing the smile on Song Wuyou’s face, she had a strong impulse to smack her.

“His knowing does not mean that you know,” rebuffed Song Wuyou, trying to shatter her confidence.

Song Wuyou shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter, we can ride double.”

Her words instantly brought a picture of Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou riding on the same horse into Song Jiuyue’s mind. This was something she’d dreamed of even in her sleep. Will it come true for Song Wuyou instead?

“Song Wuyou, can you be more shameless and thick-faced?” Song Jiuyue scolded.

“Why am I thick-faced?” Song Wuyou was perplexed, innocence written all over her face as she looked at Song Jiuyue.

“You don’t know about anything but you keep hogging the limelight. All of Young Master Gu’s face and reputation are ruined by you.”


“Just behave accordingly, if don’t know how to ride, you don’t know how to ride – yet you still put on riding clothes.”

“…………” Does wearing riding clothes signify that one must know how to ride?

“We’re doing archery later, you also want to join?”

“……….” I can’t join?

“The things people play you don’t know, the work people do you also don’t know. I really don’t know why Young Master Gu married you!” Song Jiuyue was so angry that she stamped her foot on the ground.

“Let’s go, so much nonsense.” Song Wuyou saw Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu were already quite a distance away as she kindly reminded Song Jiuyue, “Don’t you want to see Yanhao’s coolness when he’s doing archery?”’

Song Jiuyue’s turned around quickly when she heard that, and saw Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu were close to the archery range.

“Song Wuyou, do you dare to bet with me?” A planned formed in Song Jiuyue’s mind.

Song Wuyou was curious, “Bet what?”

“We’ll compete in archery. If I win, you must listen to everything I say.” At that time she must have her sign the divorce papers with Gu Yanhao.

“And if I win?” Song Wuyou asked in return. In Song Jiuyue’s opinion, this was the funniest joke she had ever heard in her life. Song Wuyou doesn’t know even know how to nock an arrow, and she wants to win over her?

“You will listen to me in everything?” Song Jiuyue insisted.

“I will.” Song Wuyou confirmed with certainty, “If you win, I will listen to everything you say.”

“Dajie, don’t listen to her. She doesn’t even know how to play. Even if you win, there’s no face.” Song Jiumei’s most accomplished talent: provocation.

Hearing this, Song Wuyou looked like an arrogant peacock fanning out its feathers, glaring at Song Jiumei, “Who said I don’t know? Although I have never touched the arrows here, it doesn’t mean I don’t know ah.’

“Then, where have you touched bows and arrows before this?”

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