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Chapter 91: Want to See Him Run Naked (1)

“In a world you won’t be able to go to.” Song Wuyou answered in clear, calm voice.

The sisters, Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei, exchanged a look after hearing Song Wuyou’s answer. Song Jiumei’s contempt thickened, “Song Wuyou, web games and reality are a world apart.”

Song Wuyou could not help blinking her eyes again. In fact, they had misunderstood. The place she was referring to was not any online game…

Suddenly, Song Jiuyue looked forward to Song Wuyou’s performance in archery. “Let’s go.” She said to Song Jiumei, her steps obviously much quicker than before.


By the time Song Wuyou reached the archery range, Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu had already started. Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei were also tweaking their bows and arrows.

“Ah Hao, let’s have a match. We haven’t done that for a long time,” Mu Gu said while holding a bow in his hands, smiling playfully at Gu Yanhao.

“Okay, we’ll have a match today.” Gu Yanhao agreed casually.

“We’ll twist the rules a little bit. How about it?” Mu Gu laughed, his peach blossom eyes exuded a dangerous charm.

Gu Yanhao looked at him, “What new rules?”

“Whoever loses, the penalty will be ten laps around the archery range.” Mu Gu said.

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow cocked up, looking at Mu Gu; this is the new rule?

At the back, Song Wuyou raised her head and took a quick look at the archery range. The area was not that big. For a healthy man like Gu Yanhao, ten laps would not even make him pant.

Mu Gu had a strange light in his eyes as he looked back at Gu Yanhao, “How about it? On?”

Gu Yanhao was cold as ever, “I don’t like beating around the bush.”

“Fine, I won’t lead you in circles. The loser strips naked and runs ten laps.”

Three women were stunned upon hearing the penalty, but very quickly Song Jiumei’s eyes were shining with expectation.

Gu Yanhao was intrigued, “Running naked?”

Mu Gu shook his head, “It’s streaking.”

“Is there a difference?”

Mu Gu grinned sheepishly, “No difference. Strip naked and run.”

His peach blossoms eyes shone as they roamed over Gu Yanhao’s body. It was obvious that he was anticipating Gu Yanhao having to show his body, and, of course, his embittered look.

“How about it. Dare to bet?” Mu Gu pursued anxiously.

Gu Yanhao harrumphed coldly, the corner of his lips curving in a mocking arch, “Afraid you can’t fulfill the bet later?”

Mu Gu’s face bloomed, “So we’re on?”

Not losing his cool, Gu Yanhao said, “Begin. You first.”

Mu Gu’s sensuous lips curved in a slight smile, bewitching and illegal.

“Great, I’ll start first. Old rules——each person gets three arrows, two rounds determine the winner, and bulls eyes prevail over all.” Mu Gu was very confident in his archery skills; after all, he practiced here nearly everyday. Nocking the arrow onto the bow, he pulled and released.


The arrow flew from the bow, whistling through the air.


The arrow sailed right into the red dot in the middle, not a millimeter of deviation. From nocking, to pull, to release, and the arrow shooting out…every move was fluid, elegant, and dashing. Mu Gu’s sensuous smiled arched deeper, with a spark of devilish mischief.

Gu Yanhao coldly glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, then his hands moved—nock, pull, release…


The arrow released from the bow string and a heavy thud came from the target markers. The arrowhead pierced through the board, causing the target to sway momentarily before it returned to a standstill. Both he and Mu Gu struck bulls eyes, but his arrows landed with more boldness and more flamboyance. Gu Yanhao’s action was much faster, cooler, and captivating.

Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei’s eyes were shining as they watched the scene, pink love shaped hearts were about to burst out from them.

It was so cool!

It was just that…

So handsome and cool… If Young Master Gu won, would they still have the chance to see him run naked around the range?

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