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Chapter 93: Shoot Until It Hits

This action of his ‘scorched’ everyone’s eyes!

Mu Gu pursed his lips and looked at Gu Yanhao ambiguously: are you trying to abuse some single dogs here?[1]

Before the action abused single dogs, it had ‘abused’ Song Jiuyue. No matter how hard she tried to put on an amiable front, it could not hide her ashen face.

Gu Yanhao wants to teach… Song Wuyou archery?

Standing behind Song Wuyou, his broad chest seemed stuck onto Song Wuyou’s back as he moved…

Song Jiuyue gnashed her teeth secretly. Due to the occasional glances Mu Gu sent her way, Song Jiuyue had to squeeze out a slight smile for the benefit of her image, hoping to conceal the strong jealousy boiling in her heart.

Mu Gu and Gu Yanhao are the best of friends. Mu Gu seeing her jealous expression was no different than being seen by Gu Yanhao. It was just the same. No doubt, Mu Gu speaks about everything with Gu Yanhao.

“Hold the bow with this hand, the other hand holds the arrow here, and then pull…”

While he explained, Gu Yanhao guided Song Wuyou with his hands every step of the way, from posture to nocking the arrow, and pulling the bow string. His voice had a low tone, sounding like a sweet, alluring magic spell.

A deep voice entered her ear, his scent spread to her nose from the back, his large hands held her small ones, covering her small hand with his body warmth. This warm temperature traveled up from her hand straight into her heartstrings. Song Wuyou’s heart felt as if a soft feather had brushed past, then a naughty little fawn was banging inside, causing her heart to miss a beat one second and quicken in the next second. This kind of feeling was foreign to her, yet…exciting. Dazed, Song Wuyou’s thoughts were in a mess, and no two thoughts could be connected logically…

Teaching this way, which woman had the focus to listen to you teaching archery basics?

“Did you see clearly? Aim the arrowhead at the target.” Gu Yanhao looked down, a rich deep voice directed at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou’s face was a slight red. She nodded docilely at Gu Yanhao.

“Release, shoot.” Gu Yanhao instructed her to release her hand.

Hu~~ The arrow flew out whistling in the wind, but although it struck the target, it was not on the red dot of the bulls eye. Moreover, it struck at the edge of the target board…

Song Wuyou pursed her lips and shot Song Jiuyue a provocative look. In the next moment, she sighed and complained to Gu Yanhao, “I can’t even get a bulls eye with your help; it’ll be worse without you helping me.”

She sounded extremely doleful.

Gu Yanhao’s arms wrapped around her. Lowering his head and placing his chin atop her head, speaking softly, “It’s alright. If you didn’t get it the first time, shoot a second time, third time; until you hit it.”

“Poof….” Mu Gu suddenly guffawed, “Ah Hao, why do my thoughts run crooked hearing the words you’ve just said?”

Song Wuyou too could not resist arching her lips listening to what Mu Gu’s words implied. She whirled around to look at Mu Gu to see if his head was really crooked—

“No need to look.” Gu Yanhao used his chin, knocking Song Wuyou’s head lightly.

“Oh…” Song Wuyou stuck out her soft pink tongue, allowing him to continue teaching her.

On the side watching all this, Song Jiuyou lost all the color in her face as she tried to suppress the soaring jealousy she felt. Fearing Gu Yanhao or Mu Gu would notice, she swiftly turned her back towards them, pretending to be interested in some bows. Out of their view, her eyes were chilling.

This damn Song Wuyou!

Gu Yanhao had always been annoyed with her. Why did his attitude change so suddenly?

What methods did this slut use to get hold of Gu Yanhao’s heart?

After teaching Song Wuyou for a few rounds, she strongly insisted on trying by herself.

A living Male God sticking to her back…the hotness!

[1] single dog—slang, normally referring to unattached man.

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