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Chapter 95: You Want to Seduce My Husband?

“What vixen methods did you use to delude Young Master Gu?”

Song Wuyou nearly burst out laughing. Finding Song Jiumei’s accusations funny, she cocked an eyebrow looking at her, piqued.

“I’m Young Master Gu’s wife, do I need to seduce or delude him? Seeing our husband and wife’s good affections made you so riled up with jealousy. Were you planning to seduce my husband?”

“I did not!” Song Jiumei was startled. Guilt overcame her yet, in front of Song Wuyou, she tilted her chin claiming, “I’m not as cheap as you are.”

“Asinine.” Song Wuyou coldly scoffed.

She was the noble, dignified Imperial Consort Song. Even if she fell out of favor and sent to the Cold Palace, she did not feel jealousy towards other concubines that gained His favor. Song Jiumei had not an ounce of relation with Gu Yanhao. To show her jealousy so blatantly was proof of her crude personality and lack of proper education.

“Who are you calling asinine?” Song Jiumei’s anger erupted, making her feel like smacking someone.

Song Wuyou ignored her directly, went to the side and continued with her practice.

Glaring viciously at Song Wuyou, Song Jiumei barked, “Song Wuyou, you’re absolutely losing this bet!”

There was a faint meaningful smile on Song Wuyou’s face, “In that world, I can shoot very well. Here, I’m not afraid of you either.”

“That is just an online world.” Song Jiumei retorted sarcastically, “You’re stupider than I thought. Other than that face, that brain of yours is no different than a pig’s.”


“Always trying to show off, you know no bounds with your arrogance. Humph, in a little while, I’ll make you lose miserably.”

“So noisy.” Song Wuyou glared sternly at Song Jiumei, “I want to practice, so shut your mouth!”


From the beginning until the end, Song Jiuyue watched Song Wuyou quietly on the side. Before this, Song Jiumei had said Song Wuyou changed. She did not believe at first, but now, observing her from a close distance, she realized Song Wuyou really did change.

Not the way she dressed or styled herself, but her atmosphere, and that gaze that made everything look insignificant in her eyes.

In the past, if Song Jiumei fought with her, she would feel uncomfortable and would retaliate, causing her to look like a vulgar, unrefined woman. However, the unconcerned and ridiculing look in the eyes as they swept over Song Jiumei as if she could not be bothered to entertain a clown…

Song Jiuyue frowned as observed Song Wuyou questioningly. Her personality… changed?

“You…” Song Jiumei was upset being ignored.

Song Jiumei wanted to criticize Song Wuyou more but Song Jiuyue pulled her back and gave her a stern eye, “Jiumei, enough.”

Song Jiumei stomped her feet, feeling extremely wronged as she looked at Song Jiuyue, “Dajie, she’s too much!”

Song Wuyou sneered in her heart. She was too much? How come she was not aware of where was she too much?

“You’re the one that is too much!” Although Song Jiuyue also hates Song Wuyou to the bone, she had a lot of patience and endurance, unlike the gungho Song Jiumei.

Song Jiuyue coldly looked over at Song Wuyou, “Wuyou, let’s have a match.”

After she won, Song Wuyou must listen to everything she says.

Song Wuyou became flustered, protesting, “But…I haven’t practiced enough yet.”

A conceited smirk appeared on Song Jiuyue’s mouth, “No need to practice, you can’t beat me anyway.”

“How do you know before I even try?”

“If you admit your loss, I will leave you a shred of dignity.”

“What dignity?”

“Didn’t we agree just now? After I win, you need to listen to me. Are you afraid I will want you to become my maid after losing to me?” Song Jiuyue’s smug smirk deepened, pushing out her chin akin to a proud peacock.

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