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Chapter 96: Two Hits on the Board

“Then, why don’t you admit your loss and surrender to me?” Song Wuyou questioned. “If you admit that you lost to me, I also can leave you with a shred of dignity.”

“What a joke!”Song Jiumei could not resist interjecting. “Relying on your level of skill you want to win over us? If you can’t win, why should we take any initiative to admit a loss to you?”

Song Wuyou stuck out her chin provocatively towards Song Jiumei, “No one knows the results ‘til the end. Are you so sure that I can’t win?” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “I’m very good in the game, I’m sure I will be very good in real life too.”

Song Jiuyue snickered inwardly. She had thought Song Wuyou changed, but her impertinence and refusal to admit to losing were just the same.

“Who’s the winner, who’s the loser, we’ll know once we have a match.” Song Jiuyue moved forward like a proud peacock, “I’ll let you go first?”

Song Wuyou’s face bloomed instantly as if going first gives a great advantage, agreeing in an instant, “I’ll go first.”

Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei stood on the side as they watched Song Wuyou nock arrow, pulled…


The hand released and the arrow flew out.

Both Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei stretched their necks up to get a better look at the trajectory, and the result was obvious. Song Jiumei burst out laughing in a series of ‘haha’s’.

The arrow’s trajectory deviated, brushing right past the target marker.

“Sigh…” Song Wuyou shook her head in disappointment, then frowned, “Why did it deviate so much?”

“Song Wuyou, you’ll definitely be running laps!” Song Jiumei rubbed salt into Song Wuyou’s wound, feeling complacent at Song Wuyou’s ‘failure.’

Song Wuyou was upset, shaking her head repeatedly and not forgetting to mutter for the benefit of the sisters, “What’s wrong? In that world, my shots are very accurate. Why can’t I find the same feel of things here?”

That was the truth, this bow and arrows totally felt different from the ones she was familiar with in her past life.

Hearing her mumblings, Song Jiuyue snorted. Turning around, she stood poised on the small rostrum. Hidden from Song Wuyou’s sight, her mouth arched in a proud smile, a bright complacent light flickered passed her eyes.

“Song Wuyou, it’s my turn.” She said with a self-righteous smug.

“Feel free.” Song Wuyou continued to study the ‘modern’ make of bows. In her opinion, this modern make of bows was… low quality.

Song Jiuyue’s arrow flew straight at the target but she did not hit the red dot. However, it was clear as day that in this round the win was hers.

Song Wuyou raised her head and glanced in the targets’ direction, “You hit?”

Song Jiuyue tilted her chin proudly, “Although it did not hit the center point, my arrow hit the target. This round, you lost.”

“You first!” Song Wuyou snapped, impatient.

Her ‘impatience’, in Song Jiuyue’s eyes, was a form of escape. This denial about her own weaknesses made Song Jiuyue’s smile widen increasingly, a point that she did not bother to hide. She nocked a new arrow, pulled, and released.

Just like the previous shot, it hit the target but not the center red dot. Still, Song Jiuyue was already very satisfied with the result.

Putting down the bow, her voice was nonchalant and unconcerned as she said to Song Wuyou, “Both of my arrows struck the target. Song Wuyou, you’ll be accompanying Mu Gu later as he runs ten lappies[1].”

Song Jiumei’s eyes were gloomy and sinister as she grinned, “Strip naked and run~!”

“Humph!” Staring at Song Jiuyue haughtily, Song Wuyou retorted, “You only hit the target, it doesn’t mean you’ve won. What if both my arrows hit the center point?”

“You can really boast.” Song Jiumei flashed with a disdainful snicker.

Song Wuyou smiled sweetly as she took an arrow from the side. This time, her posture as she pulled at the bow string was not the perfunctory act she’d displayed earlier,but every angle and position was flawless, exuding grace and beauty.

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