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Chapter 98: Hate Him So Strongly

She did nothing wrong, why must he put her to death? Even her nine familial connections were not spared?

Why could she have no part of his affections, be a part of him, when she was the one who helped him build the country?

Suddenly, a strong hatred rose inside of Song Wuyou. She hated his cruelness, his lack of feeling. She truly wanted to end his life, piercing an arrow through his heart!

Slowly, her body moved on its own accord, and the arrowhead moved along with her.

Watching this, Song Jiuyue panicked, “Song Wuyou, are you crazy?”

Song Jiumei walked up brazenly, wanting to snatch the arrow away from Song Wuyou’s hand.

“Scram!” Song Wuyou snapped icily. Her glare was like icicles, no warmth within. It terrified Song Jiumei so much that her footsteps halted midway, not daring to step forward.

“Song Wuyou, don’t mess around!” Song Jiumei was apprehensive should Song Wuyou hurt Song Jiuyue. Disregarding Song Jiumei, the arrowhead pointed at Song Jiuyue, moved passed her, and onto Gu Yanhao who was walking towards them.

Song Jiuyue followed the arrowhead intently. Seeing that it was not aimed at her, she turned around out of curiosity. Seeing the scene before her, a trace of amazement gleamed in her eyes, then her thoughts returned to Song Wuyou. She quickly faced Song Wuyou again, “Song Wuyou, what are you trying to do?”

At this point of time, a sole thought filled her mind: Why? Why did he treat her that way? She’d lived an honest life, and she was never treacherous. Why must he force her to die, why kill her family?

Song Jiuyue’s existence blurred away as if she was never there in the first place.

Song Jiuyue was worried she would hurt Gu Yanhao and was about to stop Song Wuyou, but in the next moment she paused. Gu Yanhao was well-versed in martial arts, agile whereas Song Wuyou’s archery skills were unbelievably lousy. She might not be able to hurt him. She might as well let Song Wuyou dig her own grave, let Gu Yanhao hate her even more.

Thinking back to Gu Yanhao’s annoyance towards Song Wuyou before, Song Jiuyue hoped Song Wuyou could really hurt him…just a little.

Of course, he cannot be seriously injured, just some light scratches were good enough…

Just like Song Jiuyue, Song Jiumei was filled with trepidation that Song Wuyou would hurt Gu Yanhao, but when she saw the sign Song Jiuyue gave her, she retreated woodenly and just stood at one side.She looked at Song Wuyou in shock and disbelief.

Has this woman gone insane?

Why is she aiming the arrow at Gu Yanhao?

All the while, Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu walked closer to them.

Noticing Song Wuyou was aiming the arrowhead at himself, Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved in a smile. Cocking an eyebrow in curiosity, he looked back at Song Wuyou.

Mu Gu laughed watching them both, saying “Your wife wants to shoot you.”

The shallow smile remained on Gu Yanhao’s face.

“You say, would she shoot?” Mu Gu asked.

Gu Yanhao’s footsteps stopped, because as he got closer, he saw the desperation, sorrow, hatred, and piercing pain in her eyes.

The distance between them was roughly twenty meters.

The emotions swirling in Song Wuyou’s eyes, he saw them clearly. Gu Yanhao was confused, staring at her.

Why was she looking at him with this kind of emotion, as if she felt nothing but hate for him, as if the only thing she dearly wished as to take his life with one shot of the arrow?

Those desolate and cold eyes were like a hand pinching his heart without mercy.

Gu Yanhao’s thin lips pursed, and his unfathomable eyes darkened profoundly. Since she married him, he was indifferent to her. He forced her to abort the baby because it had a high risk of being deformed. To make her converge that arrogant attitude, he threatened her with divorce. To make her reflect on her own ignorance and naivety in front of others, one time, he deliberately hugged Song Jiuyue in front of her to anger her.

Because her wayward attitude kept making trouble, he purposely did not visit her in the hospital…

Other than these, he had never done anything wrong to her. Should she hate him so much to look at him with this kind of gaze?

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