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Chapter 04: Fulfill Them

“I will tell Ah De to come and collect it tomorrow.” Gu Yanhao’s cold voice rumbled.

“See yourself out.” Song Wuyou looked insinuating as if she could not wait for Gu Yanhao to f*ck off.

Seeing her expression, Gu Yanhao eyes looked extremely dissatisfied similar to the disappointment of having landed a punch on a cotton.

After he left, Song Wuyou threw the wet tissue into the wastepaper basket in a lazy demeanor.

“Miss, are you alright?” Xu Jing walked up and looked at her Miss with a weird expression.

Was it because Miss suffered a blow from the miscarriage that she eventually agreed to sign the divorce papers so easily?

Xu Jing had worked in the Song Family for several years, the love and obsession Song Wuyou had towards Gu Yanhao, no one knew it better than her.

In order to marry Gu Yanhao, Miss had exerted an Everest effort. Why did she suddenly agree to divorce?

Before, the moment she heard the word ‘divorce’ she would start to cry and wrecked havoc, screaming that she would not agree to divorce even if she died.

Song Wuyou gave Xu Jing a smile, “It’s okay, my body feels awesome.”

Xu Jing froze. Since when did Miss’s smile become so feminine and elegant looking?

Just a simple smile was already so alluring. Miss used to smile a lot in the old days, but it had never looked this good.

“I didn’t ask about the body condition.” Xu Jing stared at Song Wuyou and said.

Song Wuyou gazed at Xu Jing with humor in her eyes, “You were talking about the divorce?”

“En,” Xu Jing nodded.

Song Wuyou took a deep breath, her eyelashes fluttered as she looked down at the divorce papers on top of the blanket, and said: “When fate has come to an end, separation is a natural course.”

Xu Jing’s expression looked as if she was going to faint, “If you divorce Young Master Gu, doesn’t that mean you’re fulfilling the Eldest Miss wish?”

Song Wuyou looked up at Xu Jing with a trace of a smile in her eyes, “I suddenly don’t love Gu Yanhao anymore, it’s not fulfilling anyone’s wish.”

Xu Jing felt heartache just by looking at Song Wuyou’s pale beautiful face, her hand reached out and clasped Song Wuyou’s hand tightly, “Miss, you have suffered.”

Song Wuyou laughed, her tone of speech was incisive: “Never again.”

The night was spent in excellent slumber.

If it was not for the doctor coming to check up on Song Wuyou’s body, she would have continued sleeping.

She could not remember how long it has been since she last slept so well.

After the check up, Song Wuyou was reclining against fluffy pillows, munching on the apple Xu Jing peeled and cut for her.

At this time, a tall silhouette appeared in the hospital room.

He was Gu Yanhao’s personal bodyguard, Ah De.

Song Wuyou glanced once at Ah De and continued to eat her apple as if no one present.

How much hatred did Gu Yanhao harbored for her to make him so anxious to divorce her? Just the mere sight of her annoyed him so much that he chose to sent his bodyguard to collect the divorce papers.

‘Song Wuyou, take a good look at the kind of man you fell in love with!’

“Young Madame, I have come to retrieve the Young Master’s divorce papers.” Ah De walked to the bedside, his attitude was still considered as polite, but his tone was stiff and cold.

As Gu Yanhao’s personal bodyguard, Ah De of course knew everything about Song Wuyou. And he does not even like Song Wuyou one bit.

Spoiled, selfish, and wayward, just a small matters and she would make a commotion like an aunty in the market; threatening to jump off from the buildings or hang herself, what sane man would take a liking to this kind of woman?

Song Wuyou glanced at the divorce papers laid on the side table and said lightly, “It is here, take it back.”

Ah De picked up the documents and flipped it over straight to the signature section, seeing one of the signature spots was empty, Ah De reminded, “Madame, you haven’t signed it.”

“There is a problem with the agreement.” Song Wuyou said impatiently, “Bring it back and tell Gu Yanhao to amend it.”

“What is the problem?” Ah De inquired.

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