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Chapter 05: Thinks It Isn’t Enough?

“The assets distribution is not fair.”

When Xu Jing heard this, she stared at Song Wuyou with a shocked expression.

When Song Wuyou went through the agreement, she had allowed Xu Jing to take a look as well, so, she was very clear about what was written on it.

Ah De found the page regarding the assets distribution, and his eyebrow rose as he noted the figure written there. He turned to Song Wuyou and said, “I feel Young Master’s arrangement is very reasonable.”

Song Wuyou’s actions were elegant as she took a sheet of tissue to unhurriedly wipe her hand from the right one and then followed to the left one before tilting up her head to look at Ah De with a faint smile, “Although you are Gu Yanhao’s personal bodyguard, you cannot represent him. Moreover, you cannot represent me. What you feel reasonable is of no significance.”

Her smile was captivating, exuding a refined temperament that Ah De was unfamiliar with. Those shiny eyes looked like a pair of twinkling stars, suddenly an amazement flashed across Ah De’s eyes that he himself was not aware of.

‘This is really the Young Madame that he knew?’

This question just crossed Ah De’s mind like a flash of lightning.

But Ah De did not think much of it, frowning slightly, Ah De said, “I will call Young Master right now.”

Meanwhile, Gu Yanhao was at the President’s Office going through Song Jiuyue’s new design sketches.

And Song Jiuyue was sitting across him, a soft and gentle smile adorned her porcelain white face as she gazed at him.

Gu Yanhao, was one of the three most beautiful men in M City. His physique and looks made the word peerless seemed crude.

From his family background, ability, and his wealth that could rival a country’s. His temperament was also noble, and refined, he was mesmerizing from head to toe.

Song Jiuyue pursed her lips into a thin line. Why did such an excellently perfect man married Song Wuyou? This was absolutely a blasphemy!

But this humiliation would end soon because she knew Old Grandfather Gu had agreed to allow Gu Yanhao to divorce Song Wuyou!

With Old Grandfather Gu’s permission, Gu Yanhao would definitely get rid of Song Wuyou at the quickest possible time.

“Young Master Gu, how are my designs?” Song Jiuyue asked softly, her voice sweet as honey.

Gu Yanhao nodded, “Pretty good.”

Being complimented by him, Song Jiuyue smiled demurely.

At this time, the mobile phone on the desk rang, made Song Jiuyue to give it a quick furtive glance at the caller’s id––Ah De.

Gu Yanhao looked at his mobile phone, and his eyes turned alert seeing the caller’s id as if he had already guessed the purpose.

His long and slender hand picked up the mobile phone.

“Speak.” Such a simple word yet it contained an indescribable edge.

“Young Master, Young Madame refused to sign it.” From the other end of the line, Ah De informed respectfully.

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips curved up in a ridicule sneer, “I already knew this would be the case. How could that woman agree to sign it so easily?”

She had agreed so readily yesterday because she was playing the ‘loosening the grip to tighten it’.

Using this way, she had thought he would not force her to sign it?

In his eyes, this trick was useless.

A light flashed across Song Jiuyue’s eyes; signature? Had Young Master Gu sent the divorce papers to Song Wuyou’s hands?

“Young Madame said, Young Master’s distribution of assets was unfair.” Ah De immediately added.

“Unfair?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes turned cold, he had agreed to give her so much money yet she still deem it unfair?

“That was what Young Madame said.”

“Give her the phone.”

Ah De passed the mobile phone to Song Wuyou, “Young Madame,”

Song Wuyou took the mobile phone and placed it close to her ear, “Hey, Young Master Gu.”

A clear and crisp voice came from the other end of the phone, sounding composed and laid-back, and this made Gu Yanhao frowned.

“Song Wuyou, what tricks are you up to now?” he was generous enough to give her one billion and a high-class apartment, yet she still thinks it was not enough?

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