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Chapter 06: The Distribution of Assets

“You think I am playing tricks with you?” Song Wuyou laughed, “Young Master Gu, you placed too much worth on yourself.”

“Song Wuyou!” once before, and now twice being despised by this woman, now Gu Yanhao suddenly felt irritated.

“Redraft the divorce agreement. Change the terms of the assets distribution.”

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips curved into a mocking smile, “How do you want it to be changed?”

“I want ten percent of Gu Group stake and the villa at the South River Empire. Also, you must deposit five hundred million into my account.”

Song Wuyou’s voice made as if all these were nothing, but Ah De and Xu Jing’s jaw dropped in shock hearing this.

The villa and the money were not the problem, what shocked them was the ten percent shares of the Gu Group!

Ah De stared in dissatisfaction towards Song Wuyou. Was she trying to rob someone?

Hearing this, a storm raged in Gu Yanhao’s eyes, his voice was as cold as ice, “Song Wuyou, you placed yourself on a high pedestal. Do you think you’re worth that much?”

“It is not up to me whether it’s worth that much money or not, it is up to you. If you think it is worth it, then write it up according to what I’ve said. If you think it’s not, then that is also fine; I’ll pretend I’ve never seen these papers and definitely won’t sign it.” Song Wuyou laughed nonchalantly.

“I have my methods to make you sign!”

“Then let’s wait till you show off your method before we discuss it further.”

Song Wuyou did not end the call, instead, she returned it to Ah De, “Take your phone and get out from the room, don’t appear in front of me. It’s annoying.”

And these words were fully transmitted into Gu Yanhao’s ears.

The frown on his forehead became uglier, and the chill in his eyes was prominently getting worse.

Seeing Ah De annoyed her?

Had not she used to be pleasantly surprised seeing Ah De?

“Young Master Gu, was it Wuyou refuse to sign the divorce papers?” Song Jiuyue peeked at Gu Yanhao and asked cautiously.

Gu Yanhao glanced over at Song Jiuyue, and his hands passed the design sketches back to her, ignoring her question completely, his gloomy voice said, “These designs are pretty good, it shouldn’t be a problem to enter this year’s fashion competition.”

Song Jiuyue received the design sketches looking slightly disappointed, “Then I’ll go back and prepare the product sample.”

“En,” Gu Yanhao gave a one-syllable reply as he took out other documents and started reading seriously.

A serious working man was the most handsome creature. Moreover, Gu Yanhao was so dazzling to begin with. This scene made Song Jiuyue unable to remove her sight.

A few minutes later, Gu Yanhao looked up indifferently at Song Jiuyue, “Why haven’t you leave?”

And back to reading his documents again.

A touch of loss flickered across Song Jiuyue’s eyes. She stood up and left the President’s Office.

After Song Jiuyue had left, Gu Yanhao looked up, his deep and unfathomable eyes narrowed.

Ten percent of Gu Group’s share? Kept dreaming!

Having ten percents of share, just it one month’s dividend was enough for her to spend for a lifetime.

This woman was truly asking for the sky.


After staying for another two days in the hospital, Song Wuyou was finally discharged.

Hailing a cab, she returned to the villa she shared with Gu Yanhao.

Even though Gu Yanhao did not love her, he would still return home every evening.

She stood in the middle of the living room, observing the luxurious but low-key villa, Song Wuyou’s brows creased.

Why did she want this villa from this Gu Yanhao? Because it was valuable?


Because it was here the original Song Wuyou had first met Gu Yanhao.

“Miss, you go up and rest first, I will go and prepare the meal. Once it is ready, I will call you.” Xu Jing came up to Song Wuyou, smiled and said.

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