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Chapter 07: To Live Again Is So Wonderful

Seeing Xu Jing’s laugh, Song Wuyou’s mind suddenly became disturbed.

The original host’s memory that she had was in intermittent pieces, she naturally did not know everything.

“There are no other servants in such a big villa?” She asked.

Xu Jing was surprised for a moment and then said, “Miss, you fired those servants. Don’t you remember?”


Song Wuyou’s frown became deeper as she tried hard to remember. Was it true?

Seeing her expression, Xu Jing’s heart ached and comforted softly, “Miss, you have been comatose for so long and have just wakened up for a short period of time, this is normal.”

“…….” ‘Normal? Is it?’

“Before, there were five servants working here, and all of them were young and pretty,”

“I know.” Song Wuyou cuts off Xu Jing’s sentence abruptly.

Although she could not recall the actual sequence of events, just by listening to the words ‘young and pretty’, Song Wuyou could already guess what happened.

The original host was a very narrow-minded woman, and it became worse after marrying Gu Yanhao, always thinking of nonsensical things that increased her anxiety and jealousy.

Any young and pretty women that ‘buzzed’ around Gu Yanhao, she would ‘wish’ for them to go and die faster.

Gu Yanhao would always return to the villa every night, and the original host could not tolerate having those young and pretty women around even though they are just servants, thus firing all of them.

All the housework in the villa was now actually done by Xu Jing alone.

“I’ll go and make something for Miss to eat.” Xu Jing turned around and headed into the kitchen.

Song Wuyou looked at Xu Jing’s back pensively.

After having her lunch meal, Song Wuyou laid on the huge king-sized bed, contemplating about a lot of things.

Having suddenly came into this era, she still felt out of place, even right at this moment.

Even though she was said to be a daughter of the Song Family, but she was nothing more but Song Jinhua’s bastard with a bar singer, born outside the family.

Her bar singer mother died when she was five. It was during that time that Song Jinhua brought her back to the Song Family.

And there, she had to endure constant abuse from her stepmother.

In fact, the original Song Wuyou actually did not like that family at all. The truth was, she was not spoiled and wayward.

She only retorted and sometimes retaliated when her stepmother beat and scolded her fiercely. She did not understand why outsiders would start rumor about her being spoiled and wayward.

But, all of these were no longer important. At the moment, she must think of a way so that she would live her life without restraint and exhilaratingly.

According to the level of hate Gu Yanhao felt towards her, he would definitely divorce her.

Song Wuyou turned around, readjusting her position on the huge bed. Her reputation in M City had already been tarnished, it would not be easy to look for a good job.

She believed as long as Gu Yanhao divorced her, the Song Family would not allow her to enter their house even half a step.

Was this the reason why she had asked Gu Yanhao for so much money?

She had demanded the ten percent of Gu Group’s stake, it wasn’t only for the money but also for the sake of the lingering trace of love that still existed at the bottom of the original host heart.

However, Gu Yanhao naturally would not agree to give her the shares.


Song Wuyou fell asleep like that till ten o’clock at night.

Xu Jing made a pot of nutritious porridge, and after eating two full bowls, she was sweating.

Then, she went back to her bedroom to take a bath.

She had yet to get used to showering, thus she preferred to take bath in hot water.

Soaking in the warm water, Song Wuyou’s thoughts drifted to her previous life.

Ever since she was abandoned in the Cold Palace, she had not enjoyed such a comfortable and warm bath.

To be reborn was so wonderful. In the future, regardless of what might have come her way, she must love herself well and live comfortably.

By the time Gu Yanhao returned to the villa, Xu Jing had already turned off the lights on the first floor.

Noticing the bathroom’s light was still on, he thought he had forgotten to switch it off in the morning. It had never crossed Gu Yanhao’s mind that Song Wuyou had come back.

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