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Chapter 08: You’ve Succeeded In Making Me Press You Down

Entering through the villa doors, Gu Yanhao’s eyes were sharp like the owls’ at night, easily maneuvering through the corners without the lights on.

In his bedroom, he took off his suit jacket and casually threw it onto the sofa, and then walked towards the walked-in wardrobe while loosening his tie.

Abruptly, his footsteps stopped. And his vision narrowed dangerously.

He turned around. His harp eyes zoomed in the direction of the bathroom – there is someone inside!

Possessing a high level of vigilance, he smelled a fragrance that did not belong to his room wafting out from the bathroom area.

Gu Yanhao approached the bathroom slowly. The door was slightly ajar, unlocked, then his palm gently pushed the door open.

When the door was wide open, a light fragrance enveloped him.

This fragrance did not irritate him. Instead, he felt that it was quite pleasant.

Song Wuyou?

When he saw the woman who had fallen asleep in the bathtub, Gu Yanhao’s pupils contracted and his gaze immediately sharpened.

The water in the tub was crystal clear! With a dozing Song Wuyou lying there, it seemed like she was wearing translucent soft silk.

Beautiful, tinged with a sense of mystery.

The naked figure exposed before Gu Yanhao was slender yet curvaceous as if every part had been delicately carved out by God’s hands; flawless.

A moment occurred where Gu Yanhao went into a daze as he ‘see’ this picture.

And it only lasted that split second for in the next second, Song Wuyou suddenly woke up and opened her eyes.

While napping, Song Wuyou seemed to sense someone approaching her and in turn, opened her eyes.

Seeing a man stood before her, Song Wuyou was greatly surprised. And in a moment of impulse, she stood up.

Due to her haste action, she lost her footing and her body fell back.

When humans felt they were in danger, survival instincts kicked in, hands would naturally flail, trying to grab onto something.

Thus, when Song Wuyou were slipping, she instinctively reached out, and successfully caught Gu Yanhao’s arms.

Gu Yanhao became dejected, and he immediately flung off Song Wuyou’s hands but he missed calculated this action as it caused him to lose his balance. Being pulled forward by Song Wuyou, his foot went up, falling into the tub.


Water splashed in the air.

“Ah……!” Song Wuyou screamed out in pain as her head knocked onto the edge of the bathtub.

Did not even had time to catch a breath, her body gradually sunk as Gu Yanhao’s weight was pressing her down.

“Gu Yanhao, get off!” Song Wuyou was stunned at first, but within the next moment she recovered quickly and tried to push Gu Yanhao away.

“What are you acting uppity for? Weren’t you the one who pulled me down?” both of Gu Yanhao’s hands were locked in between his body and Song Wuyou’s.

Moments ago, when his hard body had bumped against her softness, his breathing stopped for a moment. A terrifying feeling crept up to him.

In order to prevent Song Wuyou from noticing his gaffe, he supported his body away with both of his arms, maintaining a certain distance from her.

“It wasn’t intentional!” her nose was full of his scent, and her body failed to live up to her expectations as her heartbeat raced.

“Whether you were intentional or not, the result is the same. You have successfully made me press you down.” Gu Yanhao’s sharp gaze fell on her.

A crimson blush rose from Song Wuyou’s neck to her cheeks, two dainty fists pushed Gu Yanhao as she ordered: “You stand up first!”

“Song Wuyou, your acting ability has improved.” He commented with a trace of ridicule laced his voice.

“Since you already knew that I was acting, then why didn’t you stand up quickly? Did my impression in your eyes changed for the better?” Song Wuyou glanced down at her own body, then her charming voice resounded in the bathroom, “Or you simply couldn’t resist the temptation of my body?”

“What do you think?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes were like daggers.

“Your resistance is only this much?” a casual smile graced Song Wuyou’s face, and at the same time, contempt flickered in those eyes.

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